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Private: State Sales Tax Holidays for 2018

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With back-to-school season looming ahead, it’s a good idea to start looking for ways to save on all those end of summer purchases. We took a look at the states we are currently located in, and found that many of them offer tax-free shopping days in 2018. These sales tax holidays are a great way to save money this upcoming school year. Don’t live in one of these states? Plan a day trip with family to a participating state, or contact your state legislator for more information about how to make this possible in your community.

July 20 – 22
Alabama gives shoppers the opportunity to purchase certain school supplies, clothing, and computers free of state sales tax, as long as the item is within a set dollar amount. Clothing must be under $100 per item, computers must be under $750 per item, and school supplies must be under $50 per item. Check out Alabama’s Department of Revenue for an in-depth explanation of what items are exempt during this tax holiday.

August 3-5
Florida offers a three day sales tax holiday this year, exempting certain items from state and local sales taxes. Clothing, footwear, and certain accessories must sell for $60 or less per item and school supplies must sell for $15 or less per item to qualify as tax-free. Florida’s Department of Revenue offers a list of items that qualify for the tax exemption for your convenience.

August 3-4 and September 7-9
Louisiana has 2 days in August where most items up to $2,500 are tax-free during this Annual Holiday. The 3 days in September are reserved for firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies. The Louisiana Department of Revenue explains the exemptions on their website.

August 12-18
For one week you can purchase certain items tax-free in the state of Maryland. Apparel and footwear under $100 per item qualify for this offer. For a complete list of what is included and excluded in the Maryland Tax-Free Week, check out Comptroller of Maryland for FAQs and other information. Not looking for clothing or footwear? In February, Maryland offers Shop Maryland Energy Tax-Free days by providing savings on Energy Star Products.

July 27-28 and August 31-September 2
During the two day tax-free holiday in July, clothing and footwear under $100 qualify for this offer. The 3 day tax-free holiday starting in August is only available on firearm, ammunition and hunting supply purchases. You can read more about the Department of Revenue in the State of Mississippi and saving on these items.

August 3-5
Under $100 for clothing, $1,500 for computers and $50 for school supplies qualify for the 3 day tax-free holiday in August. Find more information on the Missouri Department of Revenue website about the holiday.

August 3-5
2018 is Ohio’s fourth year participating in a tax-free holiday. Apparel and footwear is exempt from state taxes if it is purchased for $75 or less per item. School supplies and instructional materials are exempt if they are purchased for $20 or less per item. Learn more about this sales tax holiday on the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website and make sure you check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, too!

July 27-29
Tennessee is offering incredible savings on clothing and footwear items each under $100 per item. This state also features school supplies under $100 and computers for personal use priced under $1,500 as tax-free. For complete details, visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue website for more information about this sales tax holiday.

August 10-12
Texas is a longtime participant of the sales tax holiday. This state offers tax-free shopping on most clothing items, backpacks, and school supplies priced under $100, which could save shoppers up to $8 per $100 spent! The Texas Comptroller outlines details for each category on their website if you’re looking for more information.

August 3-5
Virginia combines savings on both back-to-school and Energy Star Products in a three day tax-free weekend. Like most states, you can purchase clothing for under $100 per item and schools supplies for under $20 per item tax-free. You can also purchase Energy Star Products, for personal use up to $2,500 or less, as well as select hurricane and emergency preparedness items tax-free during this time period. Check out the Virginia Department of Taxation website for details and information on how you can save during the sales tax holiday this year.

August 1-5
In Wisconsin during the 5 day tax holiday, you can purchase clothing and supplies for under $75, Computer supplies for under $250 and computers for under $750. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides details to help you save in 2018!

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