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Home Improvement Projects for $500 or less

Home Improvement Projects for $500 or less

Home Improvement Projects

Looking for ways to improve your home with a small budget? Home Improvement and repairs can increase the beauty, comfort, and value of your home without hurting your pocketbook! Any of these 5 DIY home improvement projects can add value to your home and can be a weekend home improvement project.

Easy Diy Home Improvement Projects

Check out these do it yourself home improvement projects below:

  1. Add Curb Appeal. Curb appeal adds value to not only your home, but to other homes in your neighborhood. There are many inexpensive projects you could do to add value such as updating your mailbox, power washing the drive-way, or planting flowers and bushes outside.
  2. Add Wallpaper or Paint Your Walls. One roll of wall paper and a few gallons of paint are just enough to transform any room in your house into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Shop around for the best prices. Adding wall paper to one wall is an easy way to add character and accentuate colors in a room.
  3. Add Carpets and Curtains. Curtains and carpets sound easy enough, but can change an entire room! Update your window treatments and carpets to transform any room!
  4. Kitchen and Appliances Updates. Kitchen updates such as changing the handles on the cabinets, updating appliances or counter tops, or changing out the faucet will transform your kitchen.
  5. Update Your Back Splash. While on the topic of kitchens, update the back splash. Not only is this easy to do yourself, it can add instant value to your home.

Have a larger project in mind? Not sure how to fund the labor or materials needed for your next home improvement project? We can help! Home Improvement loans from Mariner Finance can help with larger projects around the house ranging from cost of supplies to hiring professional contractors for help!

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