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Top Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day


Blog If you and your partner are adventurous travel bugs, a romantic getaway is one of the best gifts you can share with them on Valentine’s Day. As countries lift travel bans, it may be time to pack your bags and head out to incredible destinations perfect for a Valentine’s Day vacation. Upgrade your gift from the standard box of chocolates and bouquet of roses to something far more memorable and exciting. [...]

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Top Places to Ring in the New Year


Blog Whether you intend to welcome the New Year with a champagne glass, an intimate dinner, or a countdown party,  there are numerous places to ring in the New Year all over the world. Best Places to Ring in New Year in the U.S. and Abroad The New Year is a time for friends, family, festivals, fireworks, and songs. It is a fun holiday that transcends nationalities. You can experience a [...]

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Top Ways to Spend the Holiday Season


Blog The holiday season is a time to reflect on the good, connect with family and friends, and celebrate annual traditions. But it is easy to get caught up in the excitement so, how do you make each hour of the holiday season feel special? Fun Things to do for the Holiday Season Each family household has different holiday traditions. But here is a list of fun Christmas activities for kids and [...]

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Top 10 Stores with Black Friday 2021 Deals


Blog Black Friday is quickly approaching.  This year it falls on November 26th, 2021, but many deals are live well before that date.  Also, look for many specials to run through Cyber Monday. So which stores potentially have the best bargains?  Check out the list below to view the Black Friday ad circular for each store with information on when their sales will run. Walmart Macys Kohls JCPenney Lowes Target GameStop Best [...]

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Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving


Blog Most of us look forward to endless feasting on Thanksgiving Day.But it is far from a walk in the park for a busy person hosting or attending dinner, who hopes to live up to the expectations of hungry guests or hosts. Plus, everyone has their idea of what the perfect Thanksgiving is.There are ways to help make the perfect Thanksgiving food presentation even when you do not have the time!Last-Minute, Easy [...]

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A Quick Guide on Traveling for the Holidays


Blog Will you be traveling this holiday season? Be sure to prepare ahead of time. While spontaneous travel may be fun, a well-planned vacation can be a better option. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend any type of travel for unvaccinated people – even if it’s only within the country. Regardless of whether you and your traveling companions are fully vaccinated, you still need to adhere to location-specific safety requirements [...]

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Holiday Shopping Supply Chain Issues


Blog With the holidays approaching, people will be wading through many issues that beset holiday shoppers every year, with some additional potential issues this year. The supply chain concerns may make holiday shopping this year the most challenging to date. The pandemic’s effects on the 2020 retail holiday season caused the e-commerce market to experience unprecedented growth. Read further and discover tips on how to help cope with potential supply chain challenges. What [...]

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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Blog You’re getting ready to trick-or-treat, but perhaps you still haven’t come up with a Halloween costume. All of your friends have already come up with something, and maybe you’re feeling left out. Whether you have a week to get things sorted out, or you’re in need of some last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas, don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas for you and the entire family! 8 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas [...]

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Top Travel Destinations for Fall Foliage


Blog Fall foliage is the beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves we see covering trees in the autumn months. These vibrant colors come about as the chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down due to the changes in daylight and temperature. It’s considered peak season for fall foliage when 50 to 75% of trees in an area have turned a shade of red, orange, or yellow. Peak fall foliage is truly a sight to see in many [...]

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Back-to-School Shopping for All Ages


Blog Back-to-school shopping can be a very exciting time of year. It can also quickly become stressful, especially if you have kids in different grades. Different grades need different supplies, and the cost can really start to add up. To help ease the stress of back-to-school shopping, we have made a list of common supplies each grade needs, tips on how to shop for clothes, and advice for shopping on a budget. [...]

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