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Home Improvement Loans. Your house can be your dream home

With a home improvement loan from Mariner Finance, you can transform your current house into your dream home, one nail, screw, and paint stroke at a time.

Do you want new counter tops and fresh paint? Want to lower your energy bill by replacing your windows? Our home improvement loans can help.

Why use a home improvement loan?

Home improvements and renovations, small or large, can increase the value of your house. Home improvements are often not cheap. A home improvement loan offers you an affordable way to do it today. When you’re ready to sell or want to take out a home equity loan, you’ll be in a great position to get more money.

Making loan sense.

Making loan sense.

Got questions? Get answers.

What is the minimum amount I can borrow? How long does an application take? Is there a prepayment penalty?

Ready to speak to a person—in person?

You have your own unique goals to meet, and it all starts with a 5 minute conversation with one of our licensed loan officers. You can reach us directly at 866-382-5080.

What is a personal loan?

Great question. It’s a loan that may help you deal with an unexpected expense, see a new part of the world, or simply help you achieve your personal goals. We have those.

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