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Account inquiries – Application questions – General loan questions – Payment questions – Questions about Mariner Finance

If your question is not listed, contact your local branch or submit your question via our customer support page.

Account Inquiries

Where can I cash a check that I have received from your company?

You can deposit the check in your bank account or cash it at any other business that cashes checks. Our recommendation is to cash it at the bank where the check is drawn. If you would like to request more money, simply call or visit your local branch. They may be able to help you obtain additional funds.

I received a check from your company, is it real?

Mariner Finance does send live checks to pre-screened, qualified individuals. Although we cannot guarantee the authenticity of all checks you may receive via mail, simply call the branch phone number on the check to verify that it is real.

I have questions about a lien release, what should I do?

For questions regarding a lien release or titles, call the branch where you received your loan.

If I pay my loan off early do I have to pay interest for the entire length of the loan?

No, you only pay interest for the amount of time the loan is open.

When does my promotional financing end?

A local customer service representative can notify you of this. To speak to one, find the branch closest to you.

What is my payoff amount?
How can I obtain my account number?

To obtain your account number, contact your local branch.

Application Questions

What to bring to the branch to complete your application?
  • A copy of a valid, government issued photo ID (e.g. driver’s license or passport)
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of residence (e.g. a driver’s license with your current address, a utility bill, or a signed lease)
  • Proof of income (e.g. paystubs or tax returns)
  • Your recent tax return and copy of bank statements (If self –employed).
Do you consider applicants that have filed bankruptcy?


If I need a co-signer, does it need to be a family member?


Do you require identification, if so, what type?

Yes, valid government issued picture identification is required.

Do I have to provide proof of income to obtain a loan?


What is the status of my application?

To find out the status of your application, call the branch where you applied. If you applied online, simply call the branch closest to you. They will be able to assist you and answer any other questions you may have about the application process.

How long does an application take?

An application takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

How long will it take before I hear something regarding the status of my application?

You should receive a response usually within the same business day. Please take into account that response time may vary based on application volume and submission time. Any further questions, please call your local branch.

General Loan Questions

Is there a prepayment penalty?


What is the minimum amount I can borrow?

The minimum loan amount is $1,000. The maximum loan varies by state, but can be up to $25,000.

I need to borrow more money, can you help?

We can always determine if you qualify for more money. Simply call your local branch to discuss your current needs.

What type of loans do you make?

We make personal loans for just about any reason you need!  Explore our loans.

Payment Questions

Do I receive a monthly statement?

No, for your convenience we offer secure online access to your account information through our Customer Account Center or you can contact your local branch for your account information.

Can I pay my account at another branch?

Yes, you may pay at any Mariner Finance branch.

Can I set up my account to make automatic payments through your company?

Yes, Mariner Finance does provide automatic payment services. Please login into the Customer Account Center or you can set up automatic payments through your own bank account.

How can I view my payment history?

If you have questions about your payment history, login to the Customer Account Center or contact your local branch.

How can I find out what my current balance is?

Login to the Customer Account Center or contact your local branch to find out your current balance.

I’m having trouble paying online, what should I do?

If you are having issues logging into the Customer Account Center, please contact our web support team Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-5pm ET, Tuesday 9am-7pm ET, Friday 9am-5pm ET, at 443-438-2056.

How can I pay the loan?

For your convenience, we offer a secure online access to your account information through our Customer Account Center. Creating an account is quick and easy, you will just need your 12 digit account number. From the Customer Account Center you can make a payment, set-up a recurring payment, check your balance and view your history. You can also stop by your local branch to pay, or pay by phone from your bank account for a fee (local or state law permitting). If you wish to send a payment by mail please mail payments to Mariner Finance P.O. Box 44490, Baltimore, MD 21236 and include your account number.

Questions about Mariner Finance

Do you report to any credit bureaus?

Mariner Finance reports directly to Equifax and TransUnion.

What kind of company is Pioneer Credit Company?

Pioneer Credit Company is a consumer finance company and a subsidiary of Mariner Finance.

Are you still affiliated with 1st Mariner Bank?


What kind of company is Mariner Finance?

Mariner Finance is a consumer finance company.

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