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A Quick Guide on Traveling for the Holidays

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Will you be traveling this holiday season? Be sure to prepare ahead of time. While spontaneous travel may be fun, a well-planned vacation can be a better option.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend any type of travel for unvaccinated people – even if it’s only within the country.

Regardless of whether you and your traveling companions are fully vaccinated, you still need to adhere to location-specific safety requirements while visiting many places. For example, you may have to wear a face mask to cover your nose and mouth in many locations.

Others Things to Consider Before Traveling for the Holidays

For almost two years now, the nation has needed to adjust to ever-changing travel guidelines.

However, if you will be spending the holiday season away from home, prepare for some typical challenges of holiday travel such as:

Rising Gas Prices

According to CNBC, gas prices are still rising. In fact, they are currently the highest they have been over the past seven years. However, other experts believe that gas prices are expected to drop before Thanksgiving. However, take into consideration that the rising gas prices may worsen before we start to feel some relief at the gas pump.

Although gas prices will not severely impact holiday travel, they are still something you should consider when preparing your budget. If you’re planning to go on a road trip in your own vehicle or a rental car, your fuel expenses will need to be a large chunk of your travel budget.

Car Rental Challenges

Car rental shortages will also continue throughout the holiday season. When lockdowns occurred nationwide during the pandemic, the travel industry almost halted completely. As a result, the lack of demand prompted most car rental companies to sell their cars. The drawback is that now they may not have enough vehicles to accommodate travel-hungry Americans this holiday season.

In line with this shortage, get ready to pay more because of the high demand and lack of supply. Take this factor into account when devising your travel plans for the holidays. If you have no choice but to rent a car, try to book it early to ensure you have a vehicle ready on your travel date.

Airline Ticket Prices

As more Americans get vaccinated, more people are expected to travel again this holiday season. Therefore, it’s best to book your flights earlier. A recent survey suggests that 67% of American travelers are choosing domestic destinations because of international travel restrictions.

Booking flights three weeks in advance or just before Thanksgiving can help you avoid the biggest spikes in plane ticket prices.

Types of Trips to Take on Holidays

Now that you’ve seen these three travel factors you should consider, it’s time to get more specific. What type of trip should you take? With all the hassles that you might have to go through, it’s only natural to pick the kind of vacation that won’t end up disappointing you.

Here are some travel ideas you can choose from for this coming holiday season:

Road Trips

There’s nothing better than traveling the open road with scenic byways and your favorite music playing on the car stereo. Road trips can be a great option if you want to go on an adventure with some flexibility. You will be free to go where you want and stay where you prefer. Road trips are also perfect if you don’t like the limitations of staying in a single location throughout your vacation.

Beach Getaways

Do you prefer walking on a white sand beach with the soothing sound of waves lapping on the shore? A beach getaway is the perfect way to spend your holiday time off.  Beaches remain popular destinations for vacationers because they provide a great place to unwind, relax, or even party at night. Plus, beaches always have great restaurants to dine in, allowing you to indulge in sumptuous seafood and great drinks.

Camping Trips

If you love the great outdoors, why not go on a camping trip and reconnect with nature? Camping has quickly gained popularity due to the pandemic, offering the opportunity to socialize while still maintaining proper social distancing. Vacations like these are perfect for people who prefer to sleep under the blanket of stars surrounded by natural beauty.

City Trips

If you find setting up a campsite and sleeping outdoors too much to handle, you can opt for a city trip instead.

NYC is a great option full of events and attractions that are sure to provide you with a memorable experience. New York City and other cities like it offer a variety of attractions, such as world-class restaurants, live shows, museums, or beautiful parks to stroll through. For those who prefer to adventure in a concrete jungle, this city is one of the best.


Do you find beaches a little too close to home? Going on a cruise is the perfect vacation option if you want an open water adventure instead. It’s a great escape without any limitations on amenities. You can visit many destinations in just one trip, which helps you make the most out of your time off.

When it comes to activities, you have plenty to choose from – both off board and onboard. Also, if you’re a food enthusiast, you’ll find numerous cuisine options to choose from their buffets.

Make Your Travel Preparations Earlier This Year

It’s never too early to prepare for holiday travel. Not only will you be getting good deals if you book your flight or car rental early, but you’ll also have more time to get your budget ready.

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