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Understanding the Components of a Good Credit Score

What is a good credit score?

Credit scores. Many people struggle to understand the ins and outs of how these complex financial ratings actually work. Countless individuals are left wondering “What is considered a good credit score?” and “What actually affects one’s credit rating?” If you’ve got questions, this overview may have the answers you need. Below, we’ll dig into all […]

Looking for a Vacation Loan?

couple on vacation

If you want to take a vacation but are unsure how to pay for it, you may be able to access the funds you need through a personal vacation loan. A personal loan may provide you the opportunity to go where you want, when you want, and repay the funds over time. How to Apply […]

How Does Your Income Level Affect Your Credit Score?


Did you know that your income is not included in the calculation for your credit score? In fact, income does not directly impact your credit score, but how much you earn may affect your ability to pay your bills on time, potentially causing lenders to consider your income when determining if you qualify for a […]

What’s the Difference Between a Home Equity Loan and a Home Improvement Loan?

couple review home improvement loan options

Whether it’s a much-needed repair or a longed-for renovation, home improvements cost money. Two common ways to finance those updates are through a home equity loan and/or a personal home improvement loan. Which one might be right for you? Before you decide, it is important to consider how they compare. Home Equity Loans Equity is […]

How Could Debt Consolidation Affect Your Credit?

debt consolidation

Having multiple credit cards and loans with different balances and due dates can become overwhelming. If you’ve been thinking about consolidating your debt, you might wonder how the decision may impact your credit. Any new loan could impact your credit score, but whether it is right for you—for the short and long term—depends on your […]

Credit Cards and Personal Loans: Know Your Options

woman with credit card

Check your wallet. Do you have multiple credit cards in there? If you pay off your balance each month, you may not give them a second thought. But did you know that interest rates on credit cards are at record highs? Before you apply for another credit card or use one you already possess to […]

Refinancing a Car Loan: 7 Questions to Ask

refinancing a car loan

Refinancing your car loan may save you money if you can negotiate a lower interest rate and better terms than you currently have. To determine if it’s the right decision, you can run some numbers. Interest rates, APRs, origination fees, and even the expense to re-register your vehicle are all costs to consider. Interested in […]

What to Expect When Applying for a Personal Loan Online

couple reviewing personal loan options

Whether you apply online, by phone, or in-person, the requirements to apply for a personal loan are often similar. But approval criteria may vary from institution to institution and, depending on the lender, you could be approved either in person or online. To qualify, you must be 18 years or older and will likely be […]

What Is APR on a Personal Loan and How Does it Work?

reviewing apr on loans

When you borrow money, you repay the funds over time, with interest and fees included. The APR, or annual percentage rate, is a calculation of the total annual cost of borrowing money and includes fees and other charges, in addition to interest. Lenders often advertise a low interest rate. But the interest rate alone does […]

Money for Home Repairs: Where to Start

home improvement loans

Regular home maintenance and repairs may help to preserve your home’s resale value and protect your long-term investment. But funding those repairs can sometimes be a challenge. Consider the following six ways that could help pay for needed repairs: 1. Insurance Coverage Was your home damaged because of a storm or accident? You may be […]