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Covering Unexpected Wedding Costs

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With multitudes of vendors, an ever-changing guest list, and venues dependent on good weather, what could possibly go wrong at a wedding? If you are making plans for what could be one of the most important days of your life, expecting the unexpected is a good rule of thumb. Having funds available to cover those unforeseen wedding costs may be one strategy to consider.

Here are some examples of expenses you may not have planned for:

1. A Change of Wedding Venue Due to Weather

A wedding on the beach at sunset or in a lovely garden sounds wonderful—until it rains. If you plan an outdoor wedding, you may find yourself moving to an alternate location because of inclement weather conditions. That new venue may be an indoor function room or an outdoor tent with heaters. Either change may cost more than your initial budget.

2. A Wedding Vendor Cancels at the Last Minute

Vendors can get sick, overbook, or even go out of business before your big day. Even if you confirm several times before your wedding date, your photographer, DJ, limo driver, or videographer might cancel at the last minute. As you scramble to find a replacement, you may incur additional costs.

3. Unexpected Wedding Guests

When someone who did not RSVP shows up anyway, or someone decides to bring along an uninvited guest or their children, you may need extra meals.

4. Honeymoon Destination Has a Natural Disaster

Many islands in the Caribbean as well as Mexico and the southern U.S. are susceptible to hurricanes between June 1 and Nov. 30. You may encounter a last-minute hotel or flight cancellation, forcing you to spend extra money to change your plans. Travel insurance may provide some reimbursement when Mother Nature strikes, but that refund may take time.

5. Other Wedding Costs You May Not Have Budgeted For:

  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Sales tax, service charges, and tips
  • Meals for vendors who will be at the wedding
  • Welcome bags for guests staying at a hotel
  • Outfits for pre-wedding events
  • Forgotten items that you may need to replace at a local store
  • An extra night for a hotel if that is where the bridal party will be getting ready, since the check-in time for the day of the wedding might not be until 3 pm
  • Meals for the bridal party before the wedding begins

Funding Unexpected Wedding Costs

There are many way you might pay for any unexpected wedding costs, but a couple to consider are:

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be used for unexpected wedding expenses, but if you cannot pay off the full amount you charge, you may have to pay principal and interest. Additionally, you potentially will lower your available credit and raise your credit utilization rate. Any cash wedding gifts, though, could help to pay off the debt right away.

Personal Loan for a Wedding

You can apply for a personal loan to pay for unexpected wedding costs and potentially receive a decision in a matter of days.

Do you need a personal loan for your wedding? Contact Mariner Finance and speak to one of our customer service representatives today.

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