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Jeffie’s Choice: Hands on Hunger

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Jeffie’s Choice, a Non-profit to End Hunger, Makes a Difference

Inspired by a mother’s determination to make the world a better place for everyone, Jeffie’s Choice makes a difference by feeding the hungry and providing hope and nutrition to those in need.

What is Jeffie’s Choice?

Jeffie’s Choice is a non-profit organization created in memory of Jennifer “Jeffie” Ann Moss Johnson. It was founded with the pledge to end hunger within local communities.

Jeffie was passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As an active runner who competed in multiple races, it was essential for her to maintain a healthy diet.

While health and nutrition were a big part of her life, she wanted to instill these values in other’s lives as well.
Through her experiences volunteering in drug rehab facilities and awareness programs, to being extremely involved in her local church, she found her niche; cooking for others.

Jeffie had compassion for those in need. Often times, she would invite them to her home for a healthy, family meal.

Tragically she was taken from the world in 1987 but her legacy lives on through Jeffie’s Choice and those who support her mission of helping the less fortunate.

Who founded Jeffie’s Choice?

The non-profit organization Jeffie’s Choice was founded by Jennifer Ann Moss Johnson‘s three children; Josh Johnson, Elizabeth Rohme, and Sandra Lowe.

“The initial concept of the non-profit came from our brother, Josh,” explained Elizabeth. “When he first told me about his idea, I felt elated. I knew mom would have been so proud. Giving to others in need when she had little herself was something that came naturally to her, and one of her many passions was cooking, so I knew right away that this was a cause that would have been close to her heart.”
Jeffie’s Choice was launched in 2015.  In 2019, over $102,000 in charitable donations were raised and given to 35 food banks and organizations to feed the hungry.  These donations, through Jeffie’s Choice, led to over 500,000 meals to feed the hungry in 2019.

Our contribution to supporting our local communities

Mariner Finance has been successful because of our loyal and dedicated customers and employees.
It is important to us, that we all give back to the communities that have supported and helped grow our thriving business.

This is why Mariner Finance, and its affiliates, have partnered with the non-profit Jeffie’s Choice.

“Supporting our local communities is strongly valued in our organization,” explained Katie Allen, HR Generalist.

“Philanthropy has always been a part of our corporate culture with our participation through our bi-weekly employee jeans days, volunteer weeks, and annual food drives. Employees want a socially responsible employer in which they can be proud. Numerous times employees have thanked us and Jeffie’s Choice for assisting their state and area.”
Mariner Finance proudly supports the non-profit organization Jeffie’s Choice and their effort to place hands on hunger. To learn more, or donate, please visit:

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