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5 Money Saving tips for your Ultimate Super Bowl Party

super bowl party

Whether you’re planning a trip to the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl or organizing the ultimate Super Bowl party in the warmth of your own home, take the time to make sure you aren’t spending any unnecessary funds.  Consider these 5 money saving party tips for creating the ultimate Super Bowl experience for your friends and family:

    1. Kick off your party with some game-day party décor. An AstroTurf table cloth with some mini footballs will create the perfect backdrop for your game day grub, and they can be found very inexpensively at your local dollar store.
    2. Score a touchdown with football faves that everyone loves! From championship Chili to hot wings and nachos; a game-day theme drink and more; check out these delicious, low-cost recipes for your Super Bowl party: Easy and Cheap Super Bowl Party Recipes. These inexpensive, easy to make food items are sure to score you a touchdown with your guests and your wallet.
    3. Plan a Super Bowl beer tasting. Have each person bring a 6-pack of their favorite craft beer and include a notepad with pens so folks can jot down their favorites. Making your party BYOB saves you money, plus including a notepad allows your guests to boast about their favorite brews.
    4. A little friendly wagering will make your party complete. If everyone attending your party is not an avid football fan, consider getting them involved by placing non-monetary bets (could be a dare or picking up the tab on your next outing). Bets can include: who will the coin toss, what’s the length of the National Anthem, who will wear the most outrageous outfit at the half-time show, and more! You can download a printable sheet of fun bets to use at your party for free at by clicking here.
    5. Not interested in the game? Host a Super Bowl commercial watching party! Decorate with sponsor logos, which can easily be found on the internet for free, and offer up their snacks to guests. This is an inexpensive way to still partake in the Super Bowl festivities with your friends and family.

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