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Welcome Regency Finance Customers!

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Over the course of nine decades, Regency Finance became a well-respected company in the consumer finance industry. Serving over 74,000 customers, Regency Finance was founded in 1927 in Youngstown, OH. The loyalty of Regency Finance customers is a testament to their hard-working and dedicated employees that have built lasting relationships in the communities that they serve.

Regency Finance was acquired by Mariner Finance in September of 2018 and rebranded in March of 2019. The addition of Regency complements Mariner Finance’s current branch operations in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee and has brought an experienced and talented group of new employees to the company. Mariner Finance now operates a network of over 450 offices and over 2,000 team members across 22 states in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest regions of the United States.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the addition of Regency Finance,” said President and CEO of Mariner Finance, Josh Johnson. “I am thrilled about our potential. We are positioned to take our place as a leader, not only in the markets we serve, but also in our industry.  By continuing to leverage our combined team’s depth of consumer finance knowledge and experience, we will ensure that we remain the best in the business.”

Jeffrey Chepkevich, who had served as Director of Operations and President of Regency Finance, will continue with Mariner Finance as a Senior Vice President of Branch Operations. He believes the most unifying theme between the two companies is a focus on customer service. “A customer focused approach is certainly a trait that ties both cultures together,” stated Chepkevich. “This approach is further enhanced by the local branch presence that our offices have in the communities that they serve. The ability to provide customers with one-on-one consultation through face-to-face interaction allows for the best personalized service possible.”

The merger has provided enhanced resources, improved systems, and combined talented workforces to create better products and experiences for customers. “We’ve arrived at an exciting milestone in our company’s history,” says Josh Johnson. “Together, we are stronger and our future looks even brighter.

As a customer, you can expect little change. Our companies share a mission of customer-driven lending and will work each day to meet and exceed your existing expectations. We are not saying goodbye to Regency Finance; rather, we are building upon its successes and reputation. We thank all of our customers for their continued business and support.  Without you, our company would not be predominant force in the financial services industry.  We welcome you to Mariner Finance!

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