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Top Gifts for Women 2015

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Don’t know what to get your significant other, daughter, mom, sister, etc. this holiday season? Did you use our last year’s Top Gifts for Girls post to help you out? If so, we’re back to help again! This holiday season we wanted to find out what the most popular gifts are for females. In order to find this out, we sent a survey to over 1,000 Mariner Finance employees asking to rank their top gift choices. . (Don’t know what to get the men in your life? Check out this year’s Top Gifts for Men.) Out of the 1,155 individuals that took our survey, 776 of them were female and chose the following categories as their most popular gift choices.

  1. Gift cards (53%)-The most popular gift category for women at Mariner was gift cards. They aren’t always the most thoughtful gifts, but they are often the most sought after because they give the receiver the opportunity to choose what they want. If your significant other, sister, etc., have not been vocal about what they want, give them a gift card to their favorite store. This will give them an opportunity to pick something out they will love!
  2. Jewelry (38%)-It’s not a surprise that jewelry ranked number two on the list. After all, what girl doesn’t love jewelry? When choosing a piece just make sure to stick to your budget, whether that means buying a pair of fashionable affordable earrings, or the diamond ring of her dreams.
  3. Clothing (27%)-Women love clothes, which means that a new dress, blouse, or coat may be a safe bet when picking out a gift. Make sure to check her sizes and the return policy beforehand, and if possible, ask her for specific items, or at least brands, she likes.
  4. Handbags/Wallets (26%)-If she loves purses and wallets, then pick out one she’s been eyeing up for the past few months. Just make sure the item is in your budget before buying, and is a brand and design she will like.
  5. Electronics (23%)-This gift category can include anything from the newest iPhone for the tech savvy type, or a Kindle Fire for the bookworm.
  6. Travel/Activities (22%)– A travel and/or activity gift is thoughtful and exciting. This can include anything from a tropical getaway, cooking classes, concert tickets, wine tasting, paint night, and more.
  7. Shoes (18%)-Another popular gift for women is shoes. Check out her closet to see if she is in need of any for work or play. Or, maybe she has been hinting about a certain pair for a while. Either way, just make sure to check her shoe size before buying.
  8. Furniture/Housewares (17%)- If she has been longing for a new sofa, end table, or throw, place that item on her gift list.
  9. Makeup/Beauty (17%)-When in doubt, her favorite fragrance, lotion, lip stick, or eye shadow palette are always a safe bet.
  10. Cookware (14% )- If she loves to cook, get her something she will be able to use in the kitchen. This can include anything from a blender, juicer, Kitchen Aid mixer, or knife set.

Categories with less than 14% of votes included music, movies, and books; health and fitness related gifts; tools; auto; artwork; food and beverage; games; toiletries; and sporting equipment. If you’re really stumped, ask her to create a “Must-Have” Pinterest board. This will allow her to “pin” some of her favorite things, and will give you a better idea of what she wants.

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