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Haunted Houses in Dallas: Top 5 Terrors Around Northern Texas

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Looking for haunted houses in Dallas and the surrounding area? That’s a scary task.  Everything is bigger in Texas and the list of haunted attractions in Dallas is no different.   Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday in the United States [1] so now is the time to plan your celebrations in The Lone Star State. If you want to know the premier places to get scared in Northern Texas, check out these Top 5 Best Haunted Houses in Dallas.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

1701 E. Lancaster Avenue  Fort Worth, TX 76102

Cutting Edge sets the bar for haunted houses in Dallas and the surrounding area.  In 2015, Guinness verified this attraction as the “World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House”.  Located in a 100-year-old abandoned meatpacking plant, the equipment is still in use but is now used on humans.  Will you make it out alive or will you end up as Texas-style smoked brisket? 

Hangman’s House of Horrors

4400 Blue Mound Road  Fort Worth, TX 76106

One of the scariest haunted houses in Dallas is Hangman’s.  They are celebrating their 31st season so you know they have been able to perfect their screams. So who is “The Hangman”?  Legend has it that serial killer Hezekiah Jones “The Hangman” hung 120 victims until an angry lynch mob captured and killed him in 1882.  His body disappeared and now it is believed that “The Hangman” still stalks the area looking for more victims.  Can you escape his rope and all three of these haunted attractions?  They include:

  • Hangman’s House of Horrors – A 45-minute walk-through that will convince you the legend of “The Hangman” is real.
  • OUTBREAK! – This haunted attraction is infested by zombies who like to hide around dark corners.
  • Escape Labs MISSION Z – A cross between a haunted house and an escape room.  You have 45 minutes to find your way out and save the world.

Moxley Manor

510 Harwood Road  Bedford, TX 76021

Who shot J.R.?” was a big whodunit in the 80s for Dallas but it wasn’t the original mystery in this city.  In the 1920s, the Moxley family was murdered and the person charged with the killings vanished before the trial. A businessman turned the house into an Inn but guests started to check out early claiming paranormal activity.  The Inn closed and the house still sits vacant to this day. Moxley Manor now has recreated the house and added these attractions:

  • Moxley Manor – Based on the real haunted house and true events.  Will your visit to this house turn out better than the Moxley family?
  • Big Top Terror – A haunted circus in terrifying 3D.  The killer clowns will look like they are coming right at you…and maybe they are!
  • Regan’s Revenge – Little is known about this new haunted attraction so enter at your own risk.

Dark Hour Haunted House

701 Taylor Drive  Plano, TX 75074

The only haunted house in Dallas that is open year-round with unique themes.  This is the 6th season for the 47,000 square foot haunt.  Dark Hour is high tech and features animatronics and motion sensors.  Their different themes throughout the year are:

  • Halloween – Of course, Halloween is going to be the scariest of the year.  What will happen when you come in contact with the Vampire Witch?
  • Wreck the Halls – The toys rise up against Krampus and his army of evil elves.
  • Fever – Love is in the air but so is a deadly virus.  Can you find the cure?
  • Saint Patrick’s Slay – Witches are causing leprechauns and other creatures to hunt humans.
  • Dog Days of Summer – Werewolves are attacking people in the hot Dallas heat.

Reindeer Manor

410 Houston School Road  Red Oak, TX 75154

Reindeer Manor has been operating since 1974 and is the oldest of all the haunted houses in Texas.  It is even one of the longest-running haunted attractions in the country!   You know it has to be terrifying to have survived for 46 years.  Reindeer Manor offers 4 unique haunted experiences.  These include:

  • Reindeer Manor –  This haunted house is the location of an actual murder-suicide in the early 1900s and is believed to be haunted.  Now it hosts the battleground between werewolves and vampires.  Don’t get caught in the middle of the vicious feud.
  • 13th Street Morgue – A haunted morgue where death is only the beginning.
  • Dungeon of Doom – An 80s arcade where players are transported inside of a video game…whether they want it or not.  Now presented in “Retrovision 3D”.
  • Shadow House – A pitch-black attraction filled with killer clowns.

You don’t have to live in The Lone Star State to enjoy these great haunted houses in Dallas.  Take a road trip to experience all that Texas has to offer.  If you need additional funds, check out Mariner Finance vacation loans.  Have a ghoulishly good time.


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