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Haunted Houses in Houston: Top 5 Screams Around Southeast Texas

halloween skeletons

Searching for haunted houses in Houston?  Well, Houston…we have a problem.  There are many great haunted attractions in Southeast Texas, so narrowing down the best can be difficult.  Texas has been known for screams ever since Leatherface and the rest of the Sawyer family learned how to operate a chainsaw, and Houston is no different.  If you want to know the best places to get scared this Halloween season in H-Town, check out these Top 5 Haunted Houses in Houston.

Phobia Haunted Houses

5250 S Sam Houston Parkway E., Houston, TX 77048

Do you have any phobias?  Almost everyone has some.  If you have a fear of bananas, you have bananaphobia.  How about a fear of beards?  That is pogonophobia.  Are you afraid of long words?  If so, you actually have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.  Phobia Haunted Houses offers much scarier fears in 8 different haunts.  These phobia-inducing attractions include:

  • Dawn of the Machine – Machines are taking over. Will one become governor of “Cal-ee-fornia”?
  • Mind Control – This hospital is no longer controlling the minds of their “mental patients”.
  • Genetic Nightmare – Genetic mutants that you do not want to encounter in the dark.
  • Clown Mania – Coulrophobics may want to avoid this room.
  • Darke Institute – Horror from the twisted mind of Dr. Phylo Darke.
  • Darke World – Where the dead come to eat.
  • Savage Ground – “Lurkers” riot in the streets. Try to avoid the mayhem…if you can.
  • Contagion – Can you escape this disease before it’s too late?


1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034

HoustonScreamFest is not just a haunted house, it’s a full-blown festival!  A purchased ticket includes unlimited admission to their haunted houses, paintball activities, live concerts, and all drinks are included– including adult beverages!  This doesn’t mean, however, that they slacked off on the terror.  Their haunted attractions include:

  • Sanitarium – The inmates in this asylum have taken over. Will they take out their aggression on you?
  • Castle of Doom – A maze filled with medieval horrors and a vortex that will suck you back in.
  • Casa De La Llorona – What is the mystery of the crying lady?
  • The Graveyard – A final resting place where the dead aren’t resting.
  • Texas Chainsaw Maze – Running from chainsaw-wielding killers is hard enough. Now try it in a maze!

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

12872 Valley Vista Drive,  Rosharon, TX 77584

Creepy Hollow Haunted House was recently voted scariest haunted house in Texas, and even made it on the Top 13 list of scariest attractions in the country by The Haunted House Association.  With that kind of ranking, you definitely don’t know what kind of terror to expect around every corner.  Their three haunted attractions are:

  • 288 Scare Factory – An experimental virus that was meant to “cure all of man’s afflictions” has gone wrong and created zombies. Can you help keep the virus contained?
  • Dark Woods – Toxic waste in a dark forest has led to mutated vagrants and a caretaker looking to replace his toxic waste burned flesh with your skin.
  • Pitch Black – A holding facility that experiments with complete darkness and extreme light.

Houston Terror Dome

16030 East Freeway,  Channelview, TX 77530

Along with screams, Houston Terror Dome offers a DJ and dancing zombies.  Their haunted attractions are fully air-conditioned.  They say it’s to keep the corpses from rotting, and keeping you cool from the Texas heat is an added bonus.  The only sweat you’ll encounter here is from fear. Terror Dome’s attractions include:

  • Houston Terror Dome Haunted House – Over 50 actors work together to scare you while you walk through a butcher’s shop, vortex, swamp, and 3D rooms.
  • Sicko’s and Freako’s Paint Ball Gallery – Shoot paintballs at Halloween themed targets including animatronics and a live clown.

ScreamWorld Houston

2225 North Sam Houston Pkwy,  West Houston, TX 77038

Houston’s longest-running haunted house is ScreamWorld.  They are celebrating their 31st season which means that they started way back in 1988, the same year Texan George HW Bush became President.  ScreamWorld employs 120 actors throughout its five attractions.  These include:

  • The Voodoo Swamp – Snakes, marsh monsters and magic encompass this swamp.
  • Jake’s Slaughterhouse – A meat processing plant offers beef, pork and…maybe you don’t want to know.
  • Edge of Darkness – Comprised of some of the scariest locations in our society such as a morgue, death row, and a boiler room.
  • Maze of Maniacs – A maze filled with evil clowns. What could go wrong?
  • Zombie Graveyard – You may not want to pay your respects in a cemetery filled with the undead.

You don’t have to live in H-Town to enjoy these great haunted houses in Houston.  Take a road trip to experience all that Texas has to offer.  If you need additional funds, check out Mariner Finance vacation loans.  Have a ghostly good trip.

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