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5 Best Space Maximization Tips for Small Apartments

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Maximizing living space is something everyone should be focused on. It’s especially important to those who rent apartments, live in college dorms, and have smaller spaces to occupy. Space maximization can help you stay organized, and can free up much needed space in your home that could be used for other purposes. To help you get started, here are five great space maximization tips:

1. In the Bedroom – Raise Your Bed

If your bed isn’t high enough off the ground to store bins underneath, you are not utilizing this space to its full ability. Start using this space by buying (or making) a bed lift that will raise your bed up just enough to utilize the space underneath. Shown right are bed lifts that can be found at Walmart for only $14! In addition, consider purchasing clear bins that are constructed specifically to fit underneath beds. These bins are great for rotating items not in season or that you do not use every day, (see #2) such as winter jackets or shoes.

2. In the Closet – Rotate Items by Season & Remove the “Long Bar”

We all fall into the trap from time to time of stuffing everything we own into a closet – jackets, vacuums, games, shoes, sports gear – you name it – it’s probably found its way into a closet. If you want to maximize space in your closet, consider rotating your closet by season. Only items you will be using during the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter should go into your closet. Consider storing out of season items in storage bins below your bed or in other designated areas. Most closets are overcrowded due to the single long bar that exists inside. To increase storage space, consider adding another bar – The top bar should hang approximately 75 to 80 inches from the floor; the bottom bar, ideal for shorter items, should hang approximately 36 to 40 inches. This will allow you to essentially “double” the size of your closet. Also consider over-the-door organizers and hooks to hold jewelry, purses, scarfs, and more.

3. In the Kitchen – Maximize Counter Space.

There’s no shortage of ideas to maximize space in the kitchen.  Perhaps the most important place to increase space is on your counter tops. Use hooks and shelves along your walls to store items, as well as add a rolling cart in your kitchen to increase counter space. You can easily wheel it out when you need something and roll it away when you’re done. To clear even more room on your counters, consider what you really do and do not use on a daily basis. Once you have determined this, toss, sell, or donate anything you don’t use in the kitchen on a weekly basis.

4. In the Living Room – Hang the TV and Find Multifunctional Furniture

If you have an older television or a set that is not a flat screen, you won’t be able to hang your TV on the wall. However, if you do have a flat screen TV – hanging it on the wall will instantly free up space in your apartment or home. Also, if you’ve ever taken a stroll through IKEA or your favorite furniture store show room, there are plenty of options to consider for maximizing storage space with multifunctional furniture. Good multifunctional furniture will create the illusion of more space (think glass tables for eating spaces and couches with small legs). You can even position your furniture to create mini-rooms within your apartment to organize the flow of your space.

5. Room Separation – Floor to Ceiling Storage

If you have a tiny studio apartment – every space utilization decision is an important one. Consider a floor to ceiling open storage shelf system to place decorative items or books that you can access from either side. This will dramatically free up space in your apartment, and act as a decorative piece as well.

These storage tips are just a few things you can do within your apartment to maximize space, to keep organized, and to get the most use out of your living area. If you are in the market to lease an apartment or a home, and need some extra money for moving expenses, security deposits, and more, call your local Mariner Finance branch today to see if we can help. A knowledge member of our staff will be readily available you help you with all of your financial needs!

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