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2014 Holiday Sweepstakes Winners!

man excited to win sweepstakes

Deborah, from Owings Mills, MD, was one of our lucky 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes winners! Deborah was overjoyed when she received the winning email notification on the night of December 11th. When asked about her reaction to winning the sweepstakes, Deborah stated, “I was shocked and very excited. I couldn’t believe I had won, and to be honest, at first I thought it was a scam.”

Once Deborah called Mariner to claim her prize, she was elated to find it was not a scam, and that she had really won a $1,000! Turns out Deborah entered the holiday sweepstakes last year, but didn’t win, so winning this year a huge surprise!

When asked what she would do with her $1,000 cash prize, Deborah happily stated, “I will be using the money for holiday shopping for my family, as well as to treat myself to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!”

Deborah has been a Mariner Finance customer at the Randallstown branch for about two years. She said that the Randallstown branch always provides great customer service and that they are always willing to work with her.

Deborah is extremely thankful and happy to have won the $1,000 cash prize!

Tyler, from Milton, DE, was our other 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes winner! Tyler was not the first one to find out about winning the sweepstakes. His sister was checking his email on the night of December 11th and called Tyler once she saw the winning email from Mariner Finance. Tyler stated, “I was very excited, but thought it was a scam. I thought, ‘There is no way this is real. I have never won anything before in my life!’”

When asked what he would do with his $1,000 cash prize, Tyler happily said, “I will spend the money on Christmas gifts. I really want to get my wife a Coach purse for Christmas, so this will be going towards that. I also want to share some of the money with my family.”

Tyler’s mom and sister currently have accounts with Mariner Finance, and Tyler was previously listed on one of the accounts as well. He had nothing but positive remarks to say when asked about his experience with Mariner, and even stated, “The Milford branch is extremely friendly and really get to know their customers. When I see them out around town they always say hi and even remember my name. They stay on top of things and always keep their word. I have only had positive experiences with Mariner.”

Tyler was extremely happy and thankful to have won the $1,000 cash prize, and cannot wait to start shopping for Christmas presents for his family.

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