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Welcome Pioneer Credit Company Customers

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To our valued customers,

For over 44 years, Pioneer Credit Company has been a leader in the financial services industry. Founded in April of 1974, Pioneer Credit Company opened its first office in the small town of Cleveland, Tennessee. The vision was to create a different kind of finance company- one that was connected to the community it served and provided customized solutions to each customers’ specific needs. Over the years, Pioneer Credit Company has become a respected institution built on the loyalty and trust of our customers.

On November 1st 2018, Pioneer Credit Company will become Mariner Finance, completing a process that started almost four years ago. In December of 2014, Pioneer Credit Company completed a definitive agreement with Mariner Finance, LLC and entered into a strategic merger that created a premier consumer finance company. Today, Mariner Finance, and its affiliates operate over 500 offices with over 570,000 customers and 2,100 team members across 22 states. The merger was one of the largest in recent history in the consumer finance industry and has provided enhanced resources, improved systems, and combined our talented workforces to create better products and experiences for our customers.

As a customer, you can expect little change after November 1st. Our companies share a mission of customer-driven lending and we will work each day to meet and exceed your existing expectations. While the sign outside your location will change, the same smiling, familiar faces will greet you each time you visit or call your branch. Our employees have been working as one team for almost four years. Now, we will begin to operate under one name.

Over the past four decades, Pioneer Credit Company has undergone many changes. From acquiring new branch locations to adding multiple service offerings, Pioneer Credit Company has adjusted to the changing needs of its customers and will do so again. We are not saying goodbye to Pioneer Credit Company; rather, we are building upon its successes and reputation. I want to thank all of our customers for their continued business and support. Without you, our company would not be predominant force in the financial services industry. We welcome you to Mariner Finance!

Joshua Johnson

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