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Top Gifts for Guys

top gifts for guys

Don’t know what to get your guy, brother, son, dad, etc. this holiday season? We wanted to know too, and sent out a survey to over 600 Mariner Finance employees to find out. Of the 612 individuals that took our survey, 203 of them were male and chose the following categories as their most popular gift choices:

  1. Electronics (18%)-The most popular gift category for guys at Mariner was electronics. This includes anything from ipads, TVs, laptops, gaming systems, and gadgets. Check out our BestBlack Friday Apple Deals and Best Black Friday TV Deals blogs to snag one for a good price!
  2. Gift cards (11%)-Gift cards aren’t always the most thoughtful gifts, but they are often the most sought after because they give the receiver the opportunity to choose what they want. If your significant other, brother, etc., have not been vocal about what they want, give them a gift card to their favorite store. This will give them an opportunity to pick something out they will love.
  3. Clothing (11%)-Clothing ranked high as a popular gift category for guys as well. This includes jackets, shirts, pants, etc. Taking a look through their closet will help you determine what items they might want/need. Don’t forget to look at the sizes on the tags too!
  4. Sporting equipment (9%)-As expected, sporting equipment ranked high as a sought after gift for guys. If they play/like a sport, consider getting them an item related to that sport, whether that’s new golf clubs or golf balls.
  5. Travel/activities (8%)-A travel and/or activity gift is thoughtful and exciting. This can include anything from concert tickets, planning a trip to a destination on his “must visit” list, lift tickets to a ski resort, sporting event tickets, and more.
  6. Food/beverage (6%)-You can never go wrong with a food or beverage gift for a guy. Pick out some of his favorite treats and drinks, or plan to cook his favorite meal one night. Voilà; best gift ever!
  7. Shoes (5%)-Check out his closet to see if he’s in need of any work or play shoes. Or, maybe he has been hinting about a certain pair for a while. Either way, make sure to check his shoe size before buying.
  8. Health/fitness (5%)-This gift category can include anything from a gym membership to a spa treatment. So if he’s set on getting fit for the New Year, or has been stressed lately, consider one of these gifts.
  9. Games (5%)-If videos games are his weakness, consider purchasing him the season’s newest game. Or if he has a favorite card game, such as Cards Against Humanity, or a board game from his childhood, these may be good options as well. Then you can play along too!
  10. Music/movies/books (4%)-When in doubt, cd’s, movies, and books are always a safe bet.
  11. Auto (4%)-This category can include anything from car parts to a new ride! Just make sure to check for a specific make or model before buying.
  12. Tools (4%)-If he’s a handyman consider gifting him some new tools or updating his old set.

Categories with less than 4% of votes included cookware, jewelry, furniture and/or houseware, wallets, artwork, and personal hygiene products. If you’re totally stumped, we love the Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler for men. For only $60, a toiletry case comes full of 12 samples of the most popular men’s fragrances. After sampling them, he can take the certificate found inside the case to get a free full-size bottle of the featured cologne. That’s right; 12 samples and a free full-size of his favorite.

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