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Top Gifts and Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day 2021 may be different than previous years but can still be very special. February 14th is a day to show people just how much they mean to you.

To celebrate, many people had become accustomed to restaurant dinners, vacations, and bouquet deliveries. With the restrictions placed by the current pandemic situation, innovative yet meaningful top gifts and ideas for Valentine’s Day can come in handy.

Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Valentine’s Day is for everyone – couples, singles, friends, families, and even pets! Historically a day for romance, Valentine’s Day has evolved its meaning over time to celebrate universal love.

Today, many people enjoy receiving gifts, from romantic partners and friends alike, as much as they delight in giving them. These gift ideas can help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Gift Ideas for Him

If you’re looking for a gift for a male, consider what hobbies he currently pursues.  Safe gift choices for men may include tool sets, fitness equipment, and gadgets.

You could also buy something useful and related to his interests – cooking, camping, gaming, or carpentry. Be on the lookout for clues when brainstorming for gifts. The perfect gift may be that Swiss knife in his online shopping cart’s waitlist or a replacement for his low-quality resistance band he complained about during exercise.

You can also give subscription boxes a try, which could include monthly gifts of board games, favorite sauces, assorted vinyl records, or even DIY cocktails. Browse subscription boxes for men online for Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Her

Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are traditionally the go-to gift ideas for women. For 2021, consider spicing up your gift list to include personalized items – monogrammed gardening tools, kitchenware, or pens. Women often appreciate gifts with a personal touch as gifts are perceived as symbolic and emotional gestures.

You could also consider an item that helps a woman relax.

Buy stress-relieving items such as a portable massage kit, a humidifier with a set of essential oils, or a set of adult-therapy coloring books.

You can also treat her to a spa or hair salon day. Think of what would be therapeutic for her!

Is Buying Jewelry a Good Idea?

A stunning piece of jewelry can be a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day. It can also be practical as some people consider precious metals as investments.

Read do’s and don’ts of buying jewelry for reference. Some have a penchant for gold and silver, whereas others may be allergic to them.

Consider the recipient’s preferences for jewelry. To make this gift idea even more special, you can commission a jeweler to customize a piece for your partner.

Gift Ideas for Parents

Over time, Valentine’s Day celebrations have become more inclusive. People now embrace giving gifts and celebrating with non-romantic partners, such as parents.

Valentine’s Day, after all, is for everyone who wishes to express love. A survey showed that people buy Valentine’s Day gifts for family members, co-workers, teachers, friends, and even pets.

You do not need fancy gifts to make your parents happy on Valentine’s Day. Consider a simple breakfast set-up at home and a DIY greeting card.

People often find it convenient to purchase a single gift for both parents, such as a paid vacation, a movie treat, or a pair of his and hers robes. You can also explore creative Valentine’s Day gifts for parents like monogrammed wine glasses, matching socks, custom paintings, and statement pillows.

Gift Ideas for Friends

If Valentine’s Day is for showing love, then it is only right to show some of it to friends and colleagues. Simple items such as a single rose stem can be excellent gifts for your friends.

As always, in giving gifts, it is the thought that counts. For close friends, you may gift them bottles of wine, books, monogrammed candles, or anything useful for work or their hobby. You may even consider getting matching accessories that symbolize your friendship bond.

3 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved One

If you want to do something really special for your loved one this coming Valentine’s Day, we have three unique gift ideas for you to choose from.

1. Couple’s Spa Day

Spending the day getting a massage or facial with your significant other can be both relaxing and romantic. Plus, you also get to treat yourself and enjoy the gift!

2. A Video Compilation

A video compilation of memorable times together makes for a heartfelt gift for your spouse, one that they will cherish for years. Putting this together may require some effort, but the happiness it brings is immeasurable.

These memories will remain as the years pass and canmake for a fun viewing at family celebrations.

3. A Star

What could be a grander gift than naming a star after your loved one? You can register a self-named star at a company of your choice.

You can use an app to pick one out of millions of stars in the galaxy and later claim a certificate of ownership. While the International Astronomical Union explains that the registration is unofficial, people still consider this gesture romantic. The thought that someone cared to name a star for you makes any day beautiful.

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Couples

You may be hard-pressed for Valentine’s Day celebration ideas you can experience with your loved one. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Valentine’s Day celebrations may have to take on new forms. However, you can still plan special events for both of you.

Gourmet Home Dinner

Some restaurants have opened their doors to dine-in patrons. For safety reasons, you can take an online cooking class, follow a YouTube cooking video, or hire a chef for a gourmet-style intimate dinner at home.

Virtual Travel Tours

Watch virtual tours of dreamy destinations, such as Paris, Iceland, Bali, and Greece together. Experience your dream African Safari trip safely on your couch at home.


One way to get to know your partner better is to travel together. At present, your best travel options may be limited to nearby vacation rentals in scenic locations, such as the woods, lakes, or beaches. Try off-grid camping to allow uninterrupted time with each other, and enjoy the stars. Stargazing can benefit couples as it reduces stress and elicits positive emotions. Spend time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, gazing at the stars when weather permits.


You can make your 2021 Valentine’s Day memorable forever and pop the question. In a 2017 survey, Valentine’s Day ranked as the best holiday to propose among 25 to 34-year-old respondents, followed by New Year’s Eve.

A fair share of married respondents (41%) confessed that they would have preferred a Valentine engagement. This 2021, you can make that wishful thinking come true and explore creative proposal ideas to find which one will make this event all the more memorable for your spouse.

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