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The Top 10 Beach Destinations That Won’t Break the Bank

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Vacationing in 2021 could be a little different than years past.

As the country starts to recover from the pandemic and a chaotic 2020, this upcoming summer presents a great opportunity to get away and have some fun. You can vacation with a beach trip that allows you to be safe and comfortable.

Because the overall experience might be different, consider destinations that provide a great value. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly spot or the best available nightlife options, here are 10 beach destinations to consider:

Discover Your Next Vacation Among These 10 Beach Destinations

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A popular east coast vacation destination, Myrtle Beach has great options for a beach destination. With over “60 miles of coastline and 14 distinct communities”, Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer.

The beaches stretch across the town, and the nearby boardwalk, can fill an entire day—and night—with all the excitement you could want.

  1. South Padre Island, Texas

Nestled near the U.S.-Mexico border, South Padre Island is among Texas’s most desirable beach destinations. Perhaps known more as a spring break and college-aged tourist spot, in the fall, the town is a perfectly serene spot for a peaceful vacation.

With the southern Texas weather bringing the heat well past the summer, South Padre Island’s window for incoming travelers remains open all year. Water sports and fishing are big here—the Gulf of Mexico waters are always ready for aquatic activities.

  1. Delray Beach, Florida

Staying in the south, Delray Beach is an up-and-coming location for people of all ages. Downtown Delray, especially Atlantic Avenue, is filled with plenty of places sure to grab your attention—and keep it.

The layout and design of the area is inviting, and the shops, bars, and restaurants that line the street will almost make you forget about the beach entirely. However, Delray Beach features some of the best beaches on the east coast of Florida.

  1. Bethany Beach, Delaware

A quaint, family-oriented beach town, Bethany Beach is the perfect getaway for rest and relaxation.  Additionally, if you wish to turn up the dial on the excitement, Ocean City, MD, is only a 40-minute drive down the coast.

  1. Huntington Beach, California

Nicknamed Surf City, USA, Huntington Beach is a classic laid-back California beach town that still offers plenty of fun options.

The charm of Huntington Beach lies in your ability to spend a relaxing day fishing on the pier, and then hit the streets for Vendors and live music then line the street to provide a unique public block party.

  1. Newport, Oregon

Moving up to the Pacific Northwest, Newport offers fun activities if you are interested in all things maritime, which can contribute to a full day of aquatic discovery and education.

You can choose between Nye, Moolack, or Cobble Beach to spend your beach trip—or even a combination of the three!

  1. Osage Beach, Missouri

If you don’t have the luxury of being near a coast, Osage Beach in Missouri can provide the perfect solution.

Situated on the Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach features attractions for the whole family.

  1. Pismo, California

Back to the Golden State, but this time to a lesser-known spot. Pismo Beach is a beautiful destination option.

For day trip ideas, wine country is nearby, as is the sprawling of publishing magnate—and inspiration for the film Citizen KaneWilliam Randolph Hearst.

  1. Virginia Beach, Virginia

More for the active traveler than the beach bum, Virginia Beach is renowned for its fishing, water activities, and its three-mile-long boardwalk—which features a separate path for rollerblading or biking.

First Landing State Park offers more scenic views and impressive wildlife if you still feel like exploring, or you can opt to chill out and get pampered at a local spa.  Virginia Beach is an exceptional Mid-Atlantic destination for any type of beachgoer.

  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is a no-doubt top 10 beach destination, and this beach is a must-go for tropical-resort-loving travelers, boasting clear waters and soft sand.

Plan Your Trip to a Top 10 Beach Destination Today

Your next great beach vacation could be right around the corner. 2021 is about re-introducing yourself to the world, and there are some incredible beach destinations waiting for your arrival.

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