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Mariner Finance and Gold Medalist Chris Lillis Sign Sponsorship Deal

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Gold Medalist Chris Lillis Joins Mariner Finance as Brand Ambassador for 3-Year Contract 

March 21, 2023
Rochester, NY 

Mariner Finance, LLC (“Mariner Finance”) signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with Gold Medalist Christopher Lillis. Lillis, 24, is a freestyle skier who won gold as part of the mixed team aerials in Beijing in February 2022. A native of Rochester, NY, Lillis will serve as a brand ambassador for Mariner Finance, which will include making branch appearances and engaging with the public.

The Mariner-Lillis relationship actually began long before Chris was old enough to sign a contract. Chris’s father, Bernie Lillis, cashed a Mariner Finance Loan by Mail check in 2012 to support his sons’ ski careers and invested in the dreams of his children. As the boys’ careers progressed, the financial relationship between Mariner Finance and the Lillis family only strengthened.

“We’re so very proud to be able to offer financial support for this kind of dream,” said Mariner’s founder and Chief Executive Josh Johnson. “What we do at Mariner is always about serving people and helping them achieve aspirations that may sometimes feel out of reach. For Mr. Lillis to go all in for his family is remarkable and we’re happy to play our small role in their success.”

“My dad took out a personal loan to help support three children in a ski career,” said Chris Lillis. “It wasn’t until I became an adult that I realized how much faith that my family and my parents were putting in us as kids…not only just from a personal standpoint but from a financial standpoint, as well…making sure we had every opportunity to make our dreams a reality.”

When COVID shut the world down in 2020 and team training, Lillis needed a place to prepare for his shot at the Games—and a way to pay for it. His father again turned to Mariner Finance and took out a direct personal loan from Mariner’s Rochester branch. According to Lillis, Mariner’s financial support helped him earn gold. “I think it kind of brings Mariner into that… story, into that journey to [Bejiing] where like you can’t do it by yourself,” said Lillis. “Without Mariner… I don’t get my 15 seconds where I’m holding the gold medal and representing the United States.”

Lillis said that Mariner is “a special company providing a special service, doing real work, with real families to make sure that they can achieve you know, whatever they’re trying to achieve. It doesn’t have to be the [Games]. Everybody needs help sometimes.”

As brand ambassador in the coming months and years, Lillis will continue to share his own story as he proudly represents his family, Mariner Finance, and the United States of America.

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