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Furniture Buying Tips

woman shopping for furniture

Purchasing new furniture can be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look of your home.  If you are interested in a new piece of furniture, we have gathered some tips from furniture retailers to help you when shopping.

Go for quality – Think of this purchase as an investment. If you are trying to stay within a smaller budget, always ask the sales associate about discounts on floor samples. This way you can get the higher quality item, but decrease your costs. Remember, not all stores will offer to sell the floor samples and those stores that do may have floor samples with marks or scratches since they were on display. Alongside quality you can also go for quantity. Look for a store that sells headboards or bedframes in ADDITION to mattresses. This way you find the best fit, can consolidate your purchases, and possibly get a better deal. Chris from Ashley Furniture HomeStore states, “A lot of people come to Ashley’s thinking they will have to go elsewhere to find a mattress, then are shocked to find out that they can purchase mattresses there. This allows the consumer to have everything arrive at once and really get the best bargain.”

Go for secondhand – On the flipside, sometimes you can score high quality pieces at real estate sales, thrift stores, or yard sales. This shopping method would take more time and some luck, but could result in saving you a good amount of money. Be sure to check the quality and integrity before you purchase anything secondhand, as there typically are not return options. Buying secondhand is also great for people who love DIY projects!

Measuring – Whether you are buying new or used, make sure to measure twice, maybe even three times. Taylor from Urban Furniture Outlet states in one of their blogs, “There’s nothing worse than buying the sofa you love only to have it delivered and find it won’t fit through the door.” By triple checking your measurements you can also narrow down your options based on what will fit in your house or apartment.

Test it out – Do not be afraid to take a seat, lay down, or kick your feet up on the piece before you buy furniture. You are making an investment that you will not only have to look at, but use often. Also, be sure to consult each and every member of the household before making a purchase to get their input too if they will be using the piece (this includes roommates if you have one).

Financing/Layaway – “Tax season brings people with refunds in the door,” Tom from Furniture Warehouse explains now is the time to buy because of the tax season specials. This is one of their busier times of the year so if a particular color or style catches your eye buy it now! If you have to hold off until tax refund comes in layaway is a great option. You should also shop on weeknights, which are typically less busy then a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

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