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Families Celebrating Spring Break During COVID-19

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Spring break can be an opportune time for families to spend time together.

Take the opportunity to consider a more intimate and meaningful spring vacation this year. Families celebrating spring break during the COVID-19 pandemic can still enjoy a vacation with these innovative ideas.

List of Spring Break Vacation Ideas

With stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions in place, your traditional spring break plans could be changed.

The good news is you can still enjoy the spring break. If you don’t want to be stuck at home, here are some creative ways to spend spring vacation with your family.

1. Camp in the Woods

Under strict health protocols, getting out of the city and into a tent is an excellent way to enjoy spring break without compromising your family’s safety. You can either go a more traditional route and experience off-the-grid tent camping, or rent out a furnished cabin in the woods. The level of physical activity may differ, but the benefits of camping remain the same either way.

Camping is known to improve your circadian rhythm and could help resolve sleeping problems. Appreciate how simple activities like cooking or fixing beds bring you closer together as a family.

2. Rent A Mobile Home

If you can’t decide on a single place to stay, you can book an RV or a mobile home and explore different scenic destinations in a day or two. There are a host of online marketplaces available for RV rentals.

Many RV’s have a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining area. Some vehicles even feature an entertainment system and Wi-Fi, which will allow you and the kids to watch flicks, enjoy your music, and even play games.

You can visit and explore lakes, forests, parks, and other scenic places. You’ll find yourselves outdoors often – exploring trails, biking, and fishing, to name a few.

3. Go Swimming

Winter may have left you all bundled up with a thick sweater indoors, but with the more favorable spring weather comes sunlight, and a cool afternoon breeze that is perfect for outdoor activities.

Try spending a weekend at a nearby beachfront resort – and enjoy waking up to stunning panoramic views of the sea and easy access to the beach.

Walk barefoot. Play volleyball with the kids. In the afternoon, grill some lunch. Some locations even have a private pool and a spacious yard – perfect alternatives for crowded waterparks.

4. Vacation Near the Lake

If your family isn’t into camping or beach swimming, you can still unwind in a vacation home with a good view. A great option is to book a beautiful cabin near the lake, where you can enjoy water activities and land trails.

By the lake, you can bike, walk, jog, and enjoy the scenery. You can go fishing, then later cook your catch. If you need inspiration for your developing story, you can quietly sit with your thoughts, facing the serenely beautiful lake.

When the weather permits, the whole family can gaze at stars over chips and drinks. There is a long list of lakeside activities in store for vacationing families.

5. Indoor Staycation Activities

Given the strict travel protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your choices of spring break activities may involve a staycation. Stay prepared with a list of indoor staycation activities.

  • Cooking – Turn cooking and baking into a family affair, which every member will love. Make sure everyone has a role, be it as simple as chopping onions and setting the table.
  • Virtual Tours – You may have postponed your trip to Japan or France this spring break, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy your dream destinations. Virtual tours became available during recent lockdowns. Your family can view Aurora Borealis, explore the rooms of Buckingham Palace, or stroll through the streets of Paris in the comfort of your home.
  • Family Game Nights – You can turn your staycation into a fun, memorable night by playing easy-to-prepare indoor games, such as cards, charades, Pictionary, or other board games. Prepare prizes to get everyone to put their best foot forward.
  • Movie Marathon – Spend the whole day watching your family’s favorite movies. The change of environment will turn your typical movie marathon night into something infinitely more memorable.
  • Create Artworks –It could be as easy as hand-painting with food coloring, pressing dry leaves, or drawing figures. A staycation is also an exceptional time to polish photography or video editing skills. These activities enhance your creativity and, at the same time, foster close family bonds.
  • Backyard Camping – You can still be outdoorsy while on a staycation. Bring your tent and camping equipment with you and set it up in the backyard of your home. The kids will enjoy sleeping outdoors, a nice bonfire with hot chocolate, smores, and loads of stories. If you are staycationing away from the city, you have a higher chance of catching stars and constellations in the rural night sky.
  • Spa Vacations – Spend your travel money on luxury vacation homes this spring break and experience a spa-like staycation. Bring your favorite essential oils and humidifier to set the mood of the room. Soak up in the bathtub before sleeping. Invest in a piece of automated massage equipment for each family member to have their turn. Some upscale rentals come with outdoor heated pools and saunas.

As long as you’ve prepared music, food, and stories, you and your family are well equipped for a memorable and safe spring break – besides, no time is wasted when spent with family. While you are on vacation, just be sure to pack the essentials and keep emergency numbers handy.

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