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5 Creative Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Your Backyard Shed

storage space with mower and yard tools

1. Hooks and Pegboards – The key to a clutter-free shed is to get as much off of the floor as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with pegboards and hooks. Pegboard sheets can be nailed to the studs inside your shed so you can insert hooks or pegs and then hang tools, bags, and even lawn trimmers!

To keep your shed organized, dedicate a space for frequently used items for quick, easy access – you can even paint your pegboards different colors to design a color-coded system for each tool or device.

2. Metal Tins and Containers – Hang tin cans or metal buckets on the hooks to provide extra space for storing a collection of items. Ideas might include a bin of work gloves, coiled extension wires, small garden tools, and more. As shown, you can even label buckets with individuals’ names to help separate their belongings! This is an inexpensive, easy way to free up space and to help you stay more organized.

3. Wall Organization – Continuing with the pegboard theme, another great way to add storage space is to hang multiple shelves from the pegboard on your shed walls. Not only will this add space, but it provides the added benefit of freeing up floor space. From here you can label plastic storage bins with items such as sports equipment, crafts, cleaning supplies, car equipment, and more! Remember, your backyard shed can be used to store more than just your yard equipment! Bring less frequently used items out of your house to free up inside space!

4. The Back of Your Shed Doors – Maximizing the entire shed means that you should look at the entire shed’s interior for organizational options. One often overlooked area is the back of the shed doors. This is another area where you can add hooks, shelves, and racks to increase vertical storage space. Some examples of things you can store here would be cleaning equipment (brooms, rakes, shovels, etc.), hardware (nails, screws, etc.), supplies of canned goods, and more!

5. Closet Shelving Systems – Just like your closet, there are a variety of adjustable closet shelving systems you can build inside your shed. The open shelving system allows for storing planters and gardening tools easily while being able to quickly find and access them. Others can be personalized to meet your specific wants and needs. For example, you can include drawers, tall-standing closets, built-in tables, and more depending on how you want to use your shed.

Most shelving systems use metal bars that are screwed along the top of a wall. Pierced rods are suspended from the bars to hold brackets for a variety of storage components. Storage systems can be found at your local hardware store, including brands such as ClosetMaid, the Container Store, Rubbermaid, and more.

There’s no doubt about it — a well-organized shed can save you time, energy, and money. Consider these five creative ways for maximizing your shed space and make more room in your house and your backyard shed as you head outdoors this spring. If you are in the market for buying a new shed, use these tips to help plan your space from the beginning.

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