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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

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13 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas.

Halloween is quickly approaching! Do you have a costume yet? Before heading to the store for an expensive costume, why not try to make cheap costumes yourself? Not only will you save money, but you will have a unique costume no one else will be able to exactly replicate. Check out our cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas below to start making yours today!

Ladybug- This costume is extremely easy to make. Simply take a red t-shirt or tank top, cut out black felt dots, and stick them to your shirt with hot glue. Wear black pants, or if you’re feeling daring, a red tutu! Complete the outfit with an antennae headband. All you need is a hot glue gun, 2 black pom pom balls, two black pipe cleaners, and an old headband. Click here for detailed instructions on how to make your own ladybug antennas.

Men in Black/Bouncer- If you have a black suit and sunglasses, you have a  Men in Black or bouncer costume. Wear your hair pulled back or styled slick, and carry a Nerf gun or water gun to complete the Men in Black look.

Greaser– Dress up as Sandy or Danny this Halloween easily with a leather jacket and black fitted t-shirt. Complete Sandy’s look with tight leather pants or leggings, red hells, red lips, black belt, and hoop earrings. For Danny, put on a pair of cropped dark jeans and Chuck Taylors, and then grease your hair back. Voilà; the perfect greaser costume!

Rosie the Riveter- Celebrate girl power by being the iconic Rosie the Riveter this HalloweenGet a long-sleeved denim or blue top, and roll the sleeves past the elbow. Pair it with jeans. Then put your hair up, and tie a red bandana around your head. Finally, pouf up your bangs and apply 1940s makeup.

Nerd- Grab a pair of glasses, wrap a bandage around the middle, and wear high-wasted pants with suspenders to pull off the perfect nerd look. Final touches include a tucked in button-up shirt, pocket calculator and pen, and a bowtie.

Mummy- This classic Halloween costume can be created with gauze or old bed sheets, and black tea or coffee. Cut the gauze or bed sheets into 2-inch wide strips, and then place into a pot of boiling coffee or black tea. Let it soak for a minute and then hang to dry. Once dry, wrap your body with the strips over nude or white clothes. Complete the look with black fingernail polish and gaudy jewelry.

Waldo and Wenda- This timeless costume can be created with a red and white striped shirt, red and white cap, black round-rimmed glasses, and a pair of jeans. For Wenda, swap out the jeans for a denim skirt and red and white stripped socks.

Athlete- Almost anyone can be an athlete for Halloween if they have sports clothes in their closet. Decide which type of athlete to be based on the sports gear you already have. For example, dress up as a tennis player if you have a tennis skirt and racquet, or be your favorite football player by wearing their jersey with high socks.

Greek God or Goddess- Easily create a Greek god or goddess costume with a white sheet, gold jewelry, and a gold rope or ribbon for a belt. Ladies can add on gold sandals or heels, a gold headband, and gold ribbon to tie up legs for a more authentic look.

80’s Retro- With 80’s fashion back in style, whipping together an 80’s themed costume can be done using a lot of the clothes already in your closet. Place your hair in a side pony tail, wear a neon colored crop top with leggings or a poufy skirt, and add leg warmers to start off this look. Add accessories such as long beaded necklaces, headbands, large earrings, and loud makeup to really look retro.

Witch- If you have a black dress and a broom, you can be a witch this Halloween. The only thing you may need to buy is a witch hat. Paint your fingernails black, and wear red lipstick and black boots, to complete this look.

Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Recreate this iconic costume with a little black dress, pearls, black gloves, a cigarette holder, black heels, big black sunglasses, and a tiara. Throw your hair into a top-knot bun and your costume is compete!

Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family- Become part of the Adams Family this Halloween by dressing up as Wednesday Adams. Find an old baggy black sweater or a long sleeve black dress. Wear a white collared shirt underneath, and braid your hair down the middle in pigtails. Complete this look with black stockings and heels, and white face makeup.

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