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Corporate Culture

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Mariner Finance believes that the workplace should be an enjoyable and comfortable environment that maintains an image of professionalism while promoting personal health and diligent work ethic. We recognize that our business is built upon the dedication of each employee and seek to recognize the individual accomplishments of each of our staff members.

Our Corporate Culture

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Hard Work, Dedication, and Commitment to Excellence

Mariner Finance was founded on the principles of hard work and dedication to superior customer service. By maintaining an expectation of excellence, we are able to ensure quality service for our customers while providing our employees with the rewarding work experience that they deserve.


Mariner Finance continues to grow in order to meet the needs of an expanding financial market. Established as a small finance company in 2002, our success has allowed us to develop into a mid-sized company, and with its affiliates and subsidiaries, operating coast-to-coast with physical locations in over half the states. We value driven individuals who are motivated to create opportunities for the company and our customers.

Honesty and Integrity

Our headquarters in Baltimore, MD welcomes college students who are interested in a future in Marketing, Risk Management, Human Resources, and other departments. You’ll work beside seasoned professionals and executives who will help you learn and succeed while you gain valuable industry experience.The trust of our customers is essential to our success. In order to maintain an open and honest relationship with customers, Mariner Finance is dedicated to abiding by guidelines based not only on legal regulations, but also our own code of business ethics.
An open relationship with our employees is a crucial part of a positive and productive workplace. Mariner Finance has established an “Open Door Policy” which encourages team members to share their ideas effectively with one another. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that allows employees to communicate openly and rewards their creative thinking.

Our Diversity Statement

At Mariner Finance, we value our diverse workforce. We actively seek to attract a variety of individuals with varying backgrounds and different perspectives. We have established a network of business and educational contacts in an effort to meet the challenges of attracting and hiring the best talent. Our commitment to diversity fosters our growth and enables us to remain an employer of choice.

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Corporate Culture

Mariner Finance believes that the workplace should have a professional atmosphere and be an enjoyable and comfortable environment that promotes personal health and diligent work ethic.


All full time employees (30 or more hours worked per week) are provided with a generous benefits package in addition to their monetary compensation.

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