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10 Tips For Moving! Leave The Stress And Bring The Finesse

moving couch

While moving can be exciting, the actual act of moving can be stressful and take months of planning. Whether this is your first move or one of many, we rounded up some tips and tricks that will make your big move easy!

Tips For Moving

1. Have a yard sale! This is a great way to get rid of unwanted items AND make extra cash.

2. Do not limit yourself to packing using just boxes. Backpacks hold laptops, books and other electronics so you can be hands free to grab a box while moving into your new place. Rolling luggage is exceptional for moving heavy or awkwardly shaped items that are hard to carry.

3. Obtain estimates from several moving companies before making a decision. If possible enlist your friends and family members to help you. For even more ways to cut costs read our How to Cut Moving Costs blog.

4. While moving your possessions do not forget to change over your voter registration, doctor offices, children’s school information and pet’s collar.

5. Use old sheets to cover couches or other furniture while moving. Old sheets or towels can also be used to fill boxes with space so they do not collapse when stacked.

6. A good rule of thumb is to have your utility company disconnect your old place a day after you move and activate your new place several days prior to the move.

7. Labeling boxes by room can help when unpacking and make your transition easier. Also, wrap small items in colored tissue so they are not misplaced, thrown out or forgotten.

8. Triple check to make sure nothing was left behind. Did you do laundry before you packed? Check the washer and dryer. Ran one last load of dishes? Check the dishwasher. Let your kids play in the backyard? Check to make sure toys or even lawn ornaments are not left.

9. The kitchen can be the trickiest room in the house to pack. Make your last grocery trip about two weeks before your moving date so you do not have to throw away uneaten food. Defrost your fridge by unplugging it the night before. Alternate real plates and Styrofoam plates to prevent possible breakage during the move. Pack liquid cleaning items (or bathroom toiletries) in plastic bags before putting them in boxes or use a plastic storage container.

10. Last, but not least, pack a “first night” box. Include a tool kit, bed sheets, change of clothes, cleaning supplies (including paper towels and trash bags), nonperishable snacks, disposable plates (glasses & cutlery), cell phone chargers, medicines, toiletries, towels for showering, toys for children, and food for pets.

Following these tips and tricks will make your move easier when packing, transitioning, and unpacking. While moving is stressful and costly, rest assured during your move by contacting your local Mariner Finance branch today.

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