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Cyber Monday: The Best Shopping Tips


Blog  Black Friday is a great time to hit the stores and snag deals on items that typically break the bank, but as a shopper, you will have to fight through crowds of people who have the same wish list. Why do that when you can shop from the comfort of your home and snag great deals on Cyber Monday with ease?Think you know how to make the [...]

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Top Gifts for Guys


Blog Don’t know what to get your guy, brother, son, dad, etc. this holiday season? We wanted to know too, and sent out a survey to over 600 Mariner Finance employees to find out. Of the 612 individuals that took our survey, 203 of them were male and chose the following categories as their most popular gift choices: […]

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Private: Best Deals on TVs for Black Friday


Blog One of the best items to score savings on during the Black Friday sales are televisions. Lots of retailers are offering discounts on TVs that come from various manufacturers in a variety of sizes and resolutions…even curved ones! We know that people may be looking for specific models, so we rounded up a lot of deals we found on and arranged them by size. Happy hunting! [...]

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Private: Black Friday Deals on Apple Products


Blog Black Friday means incredible deals, especially in the electronics category. The retail-oriented holiday is so popular with shoppers that even brands that you typically can’t find on sale usually are, and in the electronics category, that brand is Apple. Apple, made popular for manufacturing the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, will be featured at unheard of markdowns in a variety of retailers. But, how can you guarantee you [...]

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Private: Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes


Blog Planning and cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be a tedious and time consuming task. To help with your Thanksgiving meal prep, we compiled a list of delicious side, dessert, and drink recipes that can all be made in less than one hour! Click through our slideshow to view them all, and start planning your Thanksgiving meal today! Restaurant-Style Garlic Mashed Potatoes:  1 1/2 pounds red potatoes (about 8 [...]

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How to Prepare Your Car For Winter


Blog Winter is coming! Is your car prepared? Winter is right around the corner, which means snow, ice storms, and black ice are on the way. These menacing winter conditions can be extremely hazardous while driving on the road. To help you stay safe while traveling this winter, we teamed up with Sina Auto Sales’s chief mechanic, Chuck Schaum, to gather tips on how to properly prepare [...]

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How to Keep the Holidays Affordable


Blog The holiday season is right here. We gathered tips to make your holiday season budget-friendly and fun. After doing some research, we quickly learned the best way to prep for this holiday season is to plan ahead, have a budget, and stick to it! Activities: Start your holiday off right by […]

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