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Pioneer Credit Company acquired by Mariner Finance

November 1st, 2018: We are excited to share that Pioneer Credit Company has been acquired by Mariner Finance, LLC (“Mariner Finance”). Please know that you can still count on the same exceptional service with Mariner Finance that you have come to expect from Pioneer Credit Company. If you have any questions regarding this change or if you need any assistance, please contact us at 877-310-2373.
As a reminder, former Pioneer Credit Company customers can access account information and make payments online via the Customer Account Center. If you have already established your login credentials in our Customer Account Center, your new account number is now available. If you have not established log in credentials you will need to follow the “Create an account” process on the login screen.
If you are looking for access to credit you can apply here for a personal loan today.

Types of personal loans

A personal loan can meet a variety of needs, including medical emergencies, home improvement projects, vacations, weddings and debt consolidation. Mariner Finance may have a solution that fits your needs.
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Debt Consolidation††

This type of loan helps streamline a variety of debt—from medical bills to credit card payments—into a single monthly payment solution.
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Covering Unexpected Expenses

Major appliance breakdowns, auto repairs, medical costs (people and pets), and plumbing repairs: All of these costs can be unexpected and could happen at an inconvenient time.
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Making Home Improvements

You might not always have sufficient funds to cover potentially value-enhancing investments like new countertops, flooring, or deck additions. Consider making those upgrades a possibility with one of our personal loans.
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Paying for a Vacation

Eager to see more of the world, or just another part of the country? Ready to finally book that cruise? Due for a family reunion? Begin planning the trip you’ve been putting off.
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Taking care of Wedding Expenses

Sometimes, love just can’t wait for your bank balance to catch up, and wedding costs are often more than we anticipate. Consider a personal loan to help make your dreams come true when you’re planning your dream wedding.

Debt Consolidation

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For any unexpected expenses that can disrupt your life and monthly budget, our personal loans can help you obtain the funds you need. Apply for a loan today.

How our personal loans work

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Whether secured or unsecured, our loans give you the benefit of a fixed rate and set monthly payments over a scheduled period of time, which can help make it easier to manage expenses. The process is a simple one: apply for a personal loan and receive a quick decision.

Personal Loan Calculator

Estimate the monthly payments and total repayment amount for a personal loan.

Mariner Finance’s personal loan calculator can help estimate your monthly loan payments and your total repayment amount. Simply enter a loan amount, term and interest rate and the calculator will provide you with the estimated monthly payment.
Please note that this calculator is provided only for educational purposes and is not reflective of specific loans terms available. Mariner Finance does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculator, and the calculator is not intended to provide financial, insurance, tax, or legal advice.

Personal loans for when life happens

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What is a personal loan?

Great question. Personal loans are installment loans with fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payment amounts over a scheduled period of time that may help you deal with an unexpected expense, see a new part of the world, or simply help you achieve your personal financial goals. Personal loans cannot be used for postsecondary education expenses, for any business or commercial purpose, to purchase securities, or for gambling or illegal purposes.