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Tips for a Successful Theme Park Visit

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Water fountains, exhilarating 100-foot drops, exciting rollercoaster rides, a wide variety of snacks, and a whole load of fun things to do are some of the reasons why theme parks are memorable. But as interesting as theme parks are, waiting in line for hours on end and paying nearly double the price for everything is no fun. Discussed below are tips for getting the most out of your theme park visits.

Six Ways to Save on Theme Park Ticket Costs

Theme park tickets can sometimes push to four digits. That is why we included six ways to save money on amusement parks in our list of tips for getting the most out of theme park visits:

1. Buy Your Tickets on Theme Park Websites

A majority of theme parks offer discounted ticket prices on their websites. Buying online tickets not only saves you money, but also saves you time since you don’t have to wait in line at the park’s entrance. Sign up for newsletters and follow theme park pages on social media to look for promo codes.

2. Buy Tickets from Authorized Seller Websites

Authorized ticket-selling websites usually buy amusement park tickets at wholesale prices, and later resell them at a slightly higher but affordable retail price to the public. If you couldn’t get any good deals from the park’s website, you should consider using such websites.

3. Purchase a Complete Travel Package

If you’re visiting a major theme park like Magic Kingdom for several days, an excellent way to try to save money is to purchase a complete travel package. Look for travel companies offering amusement tour packages that include airfare, accommodations, tickets, and even meals. These packages can be much cheaper compared to paying for everything individually.

4. Get Multi-Day, Season, and Combo Theme Park Tickets

If you’re planning to spend several days at the same amusement park, you deserve a discount. Most parks offer multiple-day visitor passes at a lower price.

Such passes can save you a pretty significant amount of money. If you are going as a group or taking your kids, you may be eligible for additional discounts.  If you visit the park several times a year, a season pass may be cheaper, since it allows unlimited visits per season without purchasing more admission tickets.

If you plan on visiting different theme parks, you should consider combination tickets. Similar to buying tickets online, combo tickets reward you twice – first with a reduced price, and later with faster park access.

5. Visit During Off-Peak Seasons

Theme parks are at their busiest on weekends, during warmer seasons like summer, and during holiday months like December. Due to increased demand, going to theme parks during these seasons can mean exaggerated prices for nearly everything. Schedule your visit to amusement parks during off-peak seasons to look for reduced ticket prices and overall visiting costs.

6. Go as a Group

Visiting theme parks as a group can mean discounted ticket prices. For instance, some theme parks offer excellent discounts for bulk ticket purchases of ten or more people.

Where to Get Discounts on Theme Park Tickets

With so much to do and see, visiting a theme park can quickly turn into a costly endeavor. While the tips above can help you reduce ticket costs, here’s where you can turn for discounts on theme park tickets:

  • Authorized travel deals sites: Reputable travel deal websites such as Expedia, Priceline, and Funjet Vacations offer excellent discounts on theme park tickets, flights, and accommodations.
  • Theme Park Websites: You can find discounted multi-day, season, and combo tickets on theme park websites. Sometimes they may even send promo codes through newsletters and their social media.
  • Your employer: If you work for a big corporation or a reputable startup, your employer may offer discounted theme park tickets as part of your benefits. Make sure you ask to find out if they do.

How to Avoid Lines at Theme Parks

Now that you know where to look to cut costs and where to find discounts on theme park tickets, here’s how to try to avoid being caught up in a hot, miserable line at an amusement park:

Avoid Peak Times

Every theme park has its busy and slow days. For most amusement parks, Mondays and Tuesdays are the least active, mid-week days are slightly busy, and weekends are the most crowded.  Holidays are also quite busy.

If you want to skip the hassle of long queues at each ride or amusement activity, avoid peak days. It’ll be less crowded, which means shorter lines, and you get to enjoy more rides.

You can tell a theme park’s busiest days through its scheduled opening and closing hours. If the park stays opens late, avoid going then, since they’re expecting lots of people that day.

Get Unlimited Pass Tickets

If you must visit an amusement park on its peak day, you should consider paying extra for unlimited pass tickets. Depending on the theme park you’ll be visiting, such tickets give you express ride access and unlimited numbers of rides. That means less time spent waiting in line and more time enjoying what brought you to the theme park.

Get Early Entry Tickets

Some theme parks open an hour early for early entry ticket holders. Others offer early-entry breakfast reservation options that allow early park access. Capitalize on such tickets to enjoy the rides you’ve always wanted, and to explore your favorite theme park before it gets crowded.

Don’t Go with the Crowd

Most people hop on the first ride they come across upon entry. This is why many rides and theme park attractions at the entrance are always crowded. To make the most of your amusement park visit, go for attractions that are as far away from the entrance as possible. You can take the rides near the entrance during non-peak hours, such as breakfast or lunchtime, because by then most park visitors are usually enjoying their meals.

Plan in Advance

Amusement parks offer a dizzying array of attractions. Research the rides offered by the theme park you plan on visiting, and mark out the ones you’ll take. Get fast passes for rides where you want to avoid lines. If your kids are tagging along, find out about height requirements, so you don’t pay extra for fast passes only to realize your child isn’t allowed on a ride. Planning is particularly critical for theme park visits with kids. It allows you to budget, and to set clear expectations for them.

Take Single Rides

A majority of theme park goers usually want to take rides and enjoy amusement activities together. To avoid lines and save time, consider taking single rider lines. This might mean you and your party will be broken up, but at least you don’t have to wait miserably in a hot, crowded line. Besides, if you all take single rider lines, you might end up on the same ride together.

Explore Your Theme Park Visit Financing Options

With our tips for getting the most out of theme park visits, your next trip to an amusement park should be nothing short of thrilling. But what if you are yearning to visit your dream theme park, and your budget does not allow it?

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