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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

cleaning with music

Spring has sprung and you know what that means, spring cleaning. Don’t fret; if you take it day-by–day, and room-by–room, your home will be sparkling in no time with this checklist.


  • Empty all cabinets, the fridge, and the pantry. Clean the shelves and doors and throw out any food that has expired. Recycle any food storage containers with missing lids.
  • Get rid of those cooked-on foods in your oven, on your stovetop, and in your microwave with
    multipurpose cleaner. Instead of using expensive name brands, try the store’s off-brand, which is typically just as good!
  • Mop the floor and take a sponge to anywhere that grease and grime may build up, like under your stove or sink.

Living Room

  • Remove all of the items on your shelves, mantles and tables, in order to thoroughly dust the items and where they are housed. Don’t forget to dust the TV, window blinds, and window sills. Put any old or unused newspapers or magazines that have piled up on the coffee table in the recycling bin.
  • Vacuum the carpet and any pieces of upholstered furniture. Use a fabric refreshing spray to get rid of any built-up odors in your couches and chairs.


  • Scrub your toilet, shower, sink, and floors to get rid of any soap scum and mildew that may have built up. Once again, instead of using expensive name brands, try the store’s off-brand, which is typically just as good!
  • Empty your linen closet and medicine cabinets. Throw away any expired medications or cosmetics, and dust the shelves and doors. If you have any sheets or blankets you never use, donate them to a local shelter.


  • Wash everything on your bed, including pillows. Mix baking soda with a few drops of fabric softener and/or essential oils and sprinkle it over the mattress itself. Let it sit for
    an hour and then vacuum off.
  • Vacuum under the bed and any furniture before moving them back where they belong.
  • Empty all of your drawers. Get rid of any clothes you don’t wear. Clothes that are in good condition can be donated, sold online or at stores like Plato’s Closet for some extra cash.

As you wash all the windows, and open for them to let spring air in, don’t forget about prepping your lawn for spring!  Contact your local Mariner Finance branch for a personal loan to cover your home improvement or landscaping needs!

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