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Amazon® Prime Day 2021

amazon prime day

What is Amazon® Prime Day?

Amazon® Prime Day is an annual shopping event exclusively for Amazon® Prime members. Amazon® Prime Day this year starts on June 21st and lasts only 48 hours.

Amazon® Prime Day is packed with awesome deals, exciting product launches, live entertainment, and more, exclusively for Prime members.

With mega-retailers battling for consumer spending, events like Amazon® Prime Day offer additional savings opportunities. Not just on Amazon®, but also with many other retailers as well.

Pro tip: Look out for sales from Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Target and more during the same timeframe.

To participate in Amazon® Prime Day, all you need is an Amazon® Prime subscription, a computer or a smartphone, and a credit or debit card linked to your Prime account!

Amazon® offers a free 30-day Prime membership trial, so if you’re not a prime member you may be in luck.  If you’re a student, Prime Student costs $59 per year which is 50% less than a traditional membership, and it offers many of the same perks with a 6-month free trial instead of just 30 days.

To discover more on how to become an Amazon® Prime member and benefits offered, visit the Amazon® Prime help section.

When is Amazon® Prime Day 2021?

Amazon® Prime Day first launched six years ago and has proliferated into one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

Amazon® Prime Day is once again extended from a 36-hour timeframe in 2019 to 48 hours this year beginning on Monday, June 21st at 12 am through Tuesday, June 22nd.

In 2020, Amazon® Prime Day’s sales were estimated to have been $9.91 billion.

What are the best Prime Day Deals?

Great question! To stay up to date on all of the best deals for Amazon® Prime Day 2021, be sure to check out the Prime Day event page.

Where can I shop on Prime Day?

You can shop on traditional mediums such as your computer or phone as well as on any Alexa-compatible device. (e.g., Echo Smart Speaker, Echo Dot, etc.)

If you enjoy shopping on your phone, you could download the Amazon® mobile app.

How fast will my Amazon® Prime Day deliveries arrive?

Prime members can expect their deliveries to arrive faster than ever.  Amazon® has a one-day delivery service that is available coast to coast in the USA. Also, Prime members will be able to pick up their purchases in-store at the Amazon® Hub Counter if they choose, which is a network of retailers across the nation.  To find the closest Hub Counter to you, enter your address here.

How can I avoid fake deals on Prime Day?

Not every deal is a good deal. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

Sites like are great to track and compare price history and spot fake deals on Amazon® products and more.

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