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Credit Cards and Personal Loans: Know Your Options

woman with credit card

Check your wallet. Do you have multiple credit cards in there? If you pay off your balance each month, you may not give them a second thought. But did you know that interest rates on credit cards are at record highs? Before you apply for another credit card or use one you already possess to […]

What to Expect When Applying for a Personal Loan Online

couple reviewing personal loan options

Whether you apply online, by phone, or in-person, the requirements to apply for a personal loan are often similar. But approval criteria may vary from institution to institution and, depending on the lender, you could be approved either in person or online. To qualify, you must be 18 years or older and will likely be […]

What Happens if You Miss a Personal Loan Payment?

What Happens if You Miss a Personal Loan Payment?

Missing a loan payment may cost you financially—now and into the future. You may be subject to additional interest and fees, your credit rating may be affected, and you may potentially risk your chances of loan approvals in the future. Your ability to finance a car or home may also be affected by missed loan […]

Personal Loans Vs. Auto Loans: Everything You Need to Know About Your Options

Debt in the United States has grown by almost 20% in the last decade, and personal and auto loans – two of the most common loan options – continue to grow. Americans currently hold $305 billion in personal loans and $1.2 trillion in auto loans. So which among these popular loan options is best for […]

Personal Loans. Can they help your credit?

Personal loans can help with unexpected expenses, home improvements projects, and purchasing a car.  Did you know that personal loans may also help your credit score? Installment loan history and on time payments are ways to help raise your credit score and improve your borrowing power.  Paying your personal loans as agreed generates positive reports […]

Personal loans. Are they right for your financial situation?

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Today, consumers have many choices when it comes to financing.  Credit cards, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and personal loans are all options for borrowing needed funds.  Personal loans can be a convenient way to borrow money for expenses up to $25,000 and are paid in monthly installments. What is a personal loan? A […]