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Understanding the Components of a Good Credit Score

What is a good credit score?

Credit scores. Many people struggle to understand the ins and outs of how these complex financial ratings actually work. Countless individuals are left wondering “What is considered a good credit score?” and “What actually affects one’s credit rating?” If you’ve got questions, this overview may have the answers you need. Below, we’ll dig into all […]

How Does Your Income Level Affect Your Credit Score?


Did you know that your income is not included in the calculation for your credit score? In fact, income does not directly impact your credit score, but how much you earn may affect your ability to pay your bills on time, potentially causing lenders to consider your income when determining if you qualify for a […]

What Is a Soft Credit Inquiry?

lender discussing loan options with client

You probably understand that when you apply for a loan, the lender will check your credit report. You may also know that a credit inquiry could have an adverse effect on your credit score. However, did you know that there are two types of credit checks? One type is referred to as a “hard” credit […]