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Mr. or Mrs. Hager,

I would like to extend a job well done to Barbara Leeper and your Mariner Finance team today. I had an emergency situation of a customer with no heat who needed a furnace & financing ASAP. Barbara was very diligent and responsive with any questions I had; as well as very quick with processing the paperwork. She also e-mailed me status reports so we were able to get all of the information you needed to get our client financed today. Thanks to Barbara and your team our client is able to have heat tonight and this weekend! I look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with your company. Thank you for your hard work today!

Margie Baker
One Hour Air

My family business, Space Maker Portable Buildings, have enjoyed working with Jessica Fann and the staff at your Murfreesboro, TN location. They are always courteous, very helpful, and prompt to bring us our checks.

Sara Wilkins
Space Maker Portable Buildings

I have owned and operated two furniture stores for the past four years. Mariner Finance has been a great asset in helping me to grow my business. The Lawrenceburg staff are very friendly and professional. They are always willing to help me with a smile. I appreciate the service from Mariner Finance and would highly recommend them.

David Heard

Since Mariner took over our account from Springleaf, we have had a fantastic relationship with Mariner Finance. Dover Pools has 5 locations in Delaware & Maryland. We are spread out and over the past few years we have had contact with dozens of Mariner employees. We are never disappointed, no matter how crazy an incident we are trying to fix.

I do want to point a special finger at George Walker, AVP/ Regional Manager. If it were not for George Walker and the lengths he has gone to when we needed help, I don't think we would have been as successful as we have been. Our recent spa sale at the Delaware State Fair would not have had the results it had were it not for George and his people. Dover Pools expects to be doing business with Mariner for a very long time.

Thanks again--you guys are great.

Guy Kowalchick
Sales Manager
Dover Pools

I work for American Furniture Outlet and have dealt with Mariner for several years and have had nothing but rewarding success with them.


Since the inception of our “Dealer Paper Financing” through Mariner Finance, I have been extremely pleased with the handling of our account and your relationship with my customers. From the introduction and sign-up by Merianne, the fast and timely approvals by Mike, Brian & others, and the paper processing by Sandy, Josie and staff, I couldn’t be more pleased with your organization. This service certainly helps us sell more business. Thank You.

Ted Bienert President
Ace of Diamonds Chimney, Hearth and Home

I sell my bulk receivables to Mariner Finance. We made our first deal in Feb 2012 and since then I've had six transactions with the company. Mariner was diligent and straightforward from the start. Everyone is always willing and ready to help my organization with whatever it takes to get the deal done. It's been a pleasure doing business with Mariner Finance and I foresee much more to come. For my particular business, it's very convenient that they have a local branch location. It really helps my customers with the transition process and makes it easy for them to handle their transactions at a local branch down the street from us. The branch’s friendliness is noticed and appreciated. I have recommended Mariner Finance to my friends and colleagues.

Dealer in Laurel, MD

I have been selling my receivables to Mariner Finance for the past several years. They make it easy to do business with because they are fair, quick, and professional.

Mike in Baltimore, MD

In the current challenging economy, our company had a need for capital. The programs Mariner Finance offered us helped us convert our receivables into cash. This capital has enabled our company to grow. Our customers have been happy with the transition and opportunity to improve their credit. We have worked multiple times with Mariner Finance and if I had to pick what impressed me the most, I would say “absolutely no surprises at closing”.

Jon in Pennsylvania

We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation of the partnership with Mariner Finance. This relationship has given us the flexibility to increase our inventory, and concentrate on growing our business, by focusing our resources elsewhere. It is truly a pleasure doing business with Mariner Finance! I look forward to our continued partnership.

Dealer in Richmond, VA



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