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Calculate Simple Interest using a Loan calculator


Blog Interest rate calculator for simple interest loan Confused about your interest charge? If you have an interest-bearing loan, or what is sometimes referred to as a simple interest loan, Web math created an interest rate calculator that breaks down the formula to help simplify the calculation. […]

Calculate Simple Interest using a Loan calculator2022-11-24T10:58:33+00:00

Medical Bills and their Impact on Your Credit


Blog With the incorporation of the Affordable Care Act, the staggering costs of medical bills have been widely discussed in the past few years. What isn’t discussed as frequently however, is the impact that this debt could have on your credit score should they go unpaid. This is especially important to address when you consider the following statistics: 79 million Americans have medical collections on their credit report. Over the past decade, [...]

Medical Bills and their Impact on Your Credit2022-11-24T11:17:37+00:00

7 Money-Saving Tips for Attending a Sporting Event on a Budget


Blog So you’re ready to take the whole family to a sporting event— great! Only problem is things can get expensive fast. According to Team Marketing Report’s 2019 Fan Cost Index, the average cost for an NFL ticket for the 2019 season rose 1.3% to a whopping $102.35 per ticket on average! In the mood for some fall baseball? The average baseball ticket in 2019 costs $32.99, and [...]

7 Money-Saving Tips for Attending a Sporting Event on a Budget2022-11-30T12:02:12+00:00

Cheap Tailgating Tips


Blog Regardless of where you are located in the United States, the fall means school is back in session and another sports season has started! While football is arguably the most popular fall sport, these tips can help you plan a tailgate for any sporting event you may be attending. Buying off-brands of soda, chips, and other must-have tailgating items will save you money without skipping any of [...]

Cheap Tailgating Tips2022-11-30T12:01:05+00:00

Eating Healthy on a Budget


Blog Many people have the stigma that eating healthy is expensive and is difficult to accomplish on a consistent basis. While this can be true, there are many sensible ways to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet while actually saving money. Check out our budget-friendly, healthy eating tips below to get started today! Buy whole foods- Surprisingly, unprocessed foods such as whole grain oats, rice, potatoes, canned tuna, [...]

Eating Healthy on a Budget2022-11-25T10:07:36+00:00

Back-to-School: College


Blog Back-to-school doesn’t just mean K through 12; it includes college as well! Whether you are sending your child off to school or going back yourself, cut costs with these college planning tips. Are your kids not in college? We’ve still got you covered with our Back-to-School: Money-Saving Tips blog! Look into Federal Student Aid Start off by looking into FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal [...]

Back-to-School: College2022-11-25T10:16:19+00:00

Back-to-School: Money-Saving Tips


Blog Ready or not, back-to-school season has arrived! Whether you have kids or are headed back-to-school yourself, you already know how costly this time of year can be. According to a recent study, parents spend about $685 on school-related expenses each year. From school supplies to back-to-school clothing shopping, these tips will help keep you from exceeding your budget. Back-to-Basics: Start off your back-to-school shopping by [...]

Back-to-School: Money-Saving Tips2022-11-30T12:10:44+00:00

Private: Reverse Mortgage Facts


Blog With pension plans declining, and more people becoming reliant on Social Security, maintaining a reasonable standard of living after retirement might seem like a pipe dream to some. For individuals who own their own home, a reverse mortgage may be an option that can help make ends meet. What qualifications are needed to be considered for a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is available to individuals [...]

Private: Reverse Mortgage Facts2022-11-25T10:33:22+00:00

Money-Saving Vacation Tips


Blog How To Save Money On Vacation Regardless if you are going on a day trip or a full on family vacation, Mariner Finance has gathered tips to save you even more money during this fun, yet usually costly time of year! Getting There Renting a car can save on the wear and tear of your vehicle. With coupons and online discounts, this amenity will actually save you [...]

Money-Saving Vacation Tips2022-11-25T10:45:56+00:00

Home Buying FAQ’s


Blog To close out our home buying guide, we have compiled answers to questions (FAQ’s) you may have about the home buying process. Refer to Step 1 and Step 2 of our home buying guide to help you with basic home-buying terminology such as pre-approval and loan points, and to understand your pre-disclosure documents, available financing options, and more! 1) The Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) asked about my [...]

Home Buying FAQ’s2022-11-25T11:06:43+00:00
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