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Home Improvement Projects that Add Value


Blog When it comes to adding value to your home – there are some home improvement options that are better than others. In this week’s post we look at five home improvement projects that are among the best for adding equity to your home. When making home improvements, keep in mind that your return on investment (ROI) will fluctuate depending on where you live, the time of year, the materials you [...]

Home Improvement Projects that Add Value2022-11-30T12:37:03+00:00

How to Best Protect Yourself from Identity Theft


Blog Today identity theft is so common that the Federal Bureau of Investigation cites it as “America’s fastest growing crime problem.” It occurs when a person obtains personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or bank account information to commit fraud or other crimes.Given the recent information breech at Target stores, where up to 110 million people are suspected to have their identity stolen, identity [...]

How to Best Protect Yourself from Identity Theft2022-11-29T12:42:47+00:00

Priceless Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her


Blog Valentine Day gifts for him or her Instead of buying your loved one the typical flowers, chocolate, and Hallmark card for Valentine’s Day, give them something from the heart. Priceless Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him are the most thoughtful and appreciated and are typically inexpensive. After doing some research, and from former experience, we have created a list of priceless Valentine’s Day gifts your special someone will love. [...]

Priceless Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her2022-11-29T12:45:05+00:00

Insider Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Engagement Rings


Blog Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air! Engagement rings are one of the most expensive purchases a person will make in their lifetime, making it extremely important to determine a budget before visiting the jewelry store.  In order to help you stick to your budget, we have talked to experts in the jewelry industry from Reeds Jewelers, Diamond Hut, and [...]

Insider Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Engagement Rings2022-11-29T12:53:30+00:00

Cheap and Easy Super Bowl Party Recipes


Blog Are you hosting a Super Bowl party for the big game? If so, you might be looking for delicious crowd pleasing recipes that won’t bust your budget! The key to hosting a budget friendly Super Bowl party is all in the planning. Planning your menu before you head out to the store Finding coupons for items on sale in your ingredient list Preparing crockpot items like [...]

Cheap and Easy Super Bowl Party Recipes2022-11-29T12:57:33+00:00

Private: Best Used Cars to Buy Under $15,000


Blog With extra money in your pocket from tax returns, you may be thinking about buying a car. If so, why not consider buying used? Used cars can have a lower buying price and lower monthly payments, meaning you can get a better bargain! In addition, some used cars are still covered by their factory warranty, and studies have shown that over the past few years used cars have dramatically improved [...]

Private: Best Used Cars to Buy Under $15,0002022-11-30T12:38:34+00:00

Private: 2013 Holiday Sweepstakes Winners!


Teresa Cothron, Murfreesboro, TN Blog Alice Cook, Glen Burnie, MD Alice Cook, from Glen Burnie, MD, was one of our 2013 Holiday Sweepstakes winners! Alice was overjoyed when she received the winning email on the night of December 16, 2013. She exclaimed, "I couldn't wait to call in the morning! I couldn't believe that I had actually won!" Alice was so excited, she almost didn't think it was true! "I thought [...]

Private: 2013 Holiday Sweepstakes Winners!2022-11-29T13:05:18+00:00
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