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Marriage Advice- How to Combine Finances After Marriage


Blog One thing is for certain, marriage is full of challenges – and perhaps nothing is more challenging to a marriage than finances. After the wedding day, couples need to know that the journey of a thousand miles and decades into the future together – financially speaking – is going to be drastically different than if you were to “do it alone”. Here are some major considerations couples [...]

Marriage Advice- How to Combine Finances After Marriage2022-11-28T13:20:27+00:00

Fence Buying Guide- Fence Regulations, Types of Fences, and Fencing Materials


Blog Fences come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be used for a variety of purposes. In order to help you pick out the perfect fence, we have compiled a list of things to consider throughout the fence buying process. What to Consider Before Choosing a Fence First, if you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association – check with them first [...]

Fence Buying Guide- Fence Regulations, Types of Fences, and Fencing Materials2022-11-28T13:24:20+00:00

Private: Understanding Your Credit Risk


Blog If you are considering applying for any sort of credit, including a loan, credit card, mortgage, etc., you need to understand the type of credit you are considering and its possible risks. One important step to take before signing the dotted line is to review your financial situation to see if you can handle another monthly payment. Establishing a monthly budget is essential to determining how much credit you can [...]

Private: Understanding Your Credit Risk2022-11-28T13:27:02+00:00

5 Creative Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Your Backyard Shed


Blog The backyard shed is like a closet to your outdoor living space. There are many benefits to owning a shed – increased storage space, decreased clutter inside your home, increasing storage space inside your garage, and convenient storage of lawn care equipment (mowers, trimmers, etc.) – just to name a few.However, like closets, sheds can get unorganized and cluttered quickly. So whether you own a shed, or you are about to [...]

5 Creative Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Your Backyard Shed2022-11-30T11:16:47+00:00

Understanding APR


Blog When you are considering taking out a loan, the first thing you may look at is the loan’s Annual Percentage Rate or APR.  When comparing loans of similar size and duration, APR can be a useful tool to determine which loan is right for you. However, APR is not a helpful tool when comparing different types of loans, ie. secured loans vs. unsecured loans, personal loans, home equity loans, etc. AFSA, [...]

Understanding APR2022-11-28T13:26:14+00:00

Pool Buying Guide-Pool Types, Options, and What to Know Before You Buy


Blog Pool Buying Guide If you are thinking about purchasing a pool, it is important to understand the different types of pools available in order to determine which pool is right for you. We talked to Julie Pettis, owner of Pettis Pools located in East Rochester and Greece, NY (chosen as Rochester, New York’s number one pool store 12 years in a row and rated as one of the [...]

Pool Buying Guide-Pool Types, Options, and What to Know Before You Buy2022-11-28T13:19:29+00:00

What Is an Unsecured Loan?


Blog Let’s say a friend wants to borrow some money from you. They are employed, pay their bills on time, and don’t carry a lot of debt. You might feel comfortable loaning them money without asking for any type of collateral. Collateral is something of value your friend would pledge to secure the loan and forfeit if they failed to repay the loan. This example is a good illustration of an unsecured [...]

What Is an Unsecured Loan?2022-11-29T06:46:41+00:00

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring-Landscaping 101


Blog Landscaping tips for spring With our Landscaping it’s time to get your yard in shape!  In order to have the best looking yard in the summer, it’s important to start building the right foundation in early spring. Here’s a quick planning guide on things you can do to make your yard look great as we get closer to the outdoor season! How to prepare ground for landscaping A spring landscaping project [...]

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring-Landscaping 1012022-11-30T12:33:25+00:00

How to Improve Your Credit Score


Blog Your credit score is an extremely important number that can affect your ability to make a major purchase or investment. The higher your credit score, the better, or more creditworthy you are perceived to be by lenders. This will result in lower interest rates and more purchasing options for you. To learn more about what a credit score is and how it can affect you financially click here. [...]

How to Improve Your Credit Score2022-11-30T12:34:06+00:00

Understanding Your Credit Score


Blog Your credit score is an extremely important number that directly impacts your ability to obtain any sort of credit such as a personal loan, credit card, mortgage, or car loan. Many people may know what their credit score is, but they may not know what exactly that number means and how it affects them financially. What is a credit score? So, what is a credit score? The [...]

Understanding Your Credit Score2022-11-29T06:57:57+00:00
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