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What Is a Soft Credit Inquiry?


Sept 7, 2022 You probably understand that when you apply for a loan, the lender will check your credit report. You may also know that a credit inquiry could have an adverse effect on your credit score. However, did you know that there are two types of credit checks? One type is referred to as a “hard” credit inquiry and the other is a “soft” credit inquiry. A hard credit pull may adversely affect your credit score while a [...]

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Kentucky Flood Relief


August 30, 2022 Mariner Finance plays an active role in supporting the communities they serve. Inspired by the generosity of the Mariner Finance employees, Mariner Finance has initiated comprehensive investments in the ongoing cleanup and revitalization of Eastern Kentucky communities.  Local employees immediately responded to the needs in their communities by collecting clothing, supplies and connecting with local charities. To date, the company has donated $25,000 to the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund.  Additionally, Mariner Finance has also [...]

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Mariner Finance Strongly Opposes


Mariner Finance Strongly Opposes Misguided Litigation Filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General and a Small Group of Other States Company Disputes Meritless and Misinformed Claims August 17, 2022 (Baltimore, MD) -- Mariner Finance (“Mariner”), a licensed and regulated traditional installment lender that responsibly serves more than 700,000 Americans, today announced it will steadfastly defend itself against a meritless complaint filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General and a small group of other state attorneys general. Notably, the Federal Trade Commission [...]

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Understanding Your Credit Score: Here’s What to Know


Aug 15, 2022 Your credit score is a factor when you apply for a mortgage or car loan. It can be pulled when you apply to lease a new apartment. Even insurance companies typically check your credit score to help determine how much they might charge you for your premium. But what is your credit score? How does it help determine whether you’re a good credit risk? There are three credit reporting companies that tabulate credit scores: Experian, TransUnion, [...]

Understanding Your Credit Score: Here’s What to Know2022-09-08T14:24:31+00:00

Why Choose a Local Lender?


August 3, 2022 From ”Small Business Saturday” to community supported agriculture, there are far-reaching efforts to encourage consumers to think locally. While you may choose the option to purchase produce from a community farm stand, it may not have occurred to you that the same principle can be applied to choosing a financial institution for your personal loan needs. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. When you borrow from a local lender, you’re not just a number. Your local lender has [...]

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Choosing a Mortgage Lender: Some Questions to Ask


July 20, 2022 Choosing a mortgage lender can seem a bit daunting. After all, there are so many of them out there. Community banks, savings and loan institutions, mortgage brokers, national banks, credit unions, and online lenders may all provide mortgage services. However, before you sign a document as important as a mortgage, consider the reputation of the institution and the terms of your contract. Here are 6 questions you may want to ask any potential lender: 1. [...]

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Can You Get a Loan for a Wedding?


July 6, 2022 With many weddings costing in excess of $30,000, it easy to understand why you might consider getting a loan to pay for the celebration. The good news is that you may be able take out a personal loan for a wedding. Before you do, it is important to consider the amount you want to borrow and how you plan to repay the loan. Look at the Big Financial Picture As with any loan, before you [...]

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3 Ways to Pay Off Your Car Loan Early


June 22, 2022 If you have a low-interest car loan and carry other debt, paying off your car loan early probably is not an immediate priority. On the other hand, if it is a priority and you have the means to pay your car loan early, it could save you money, free up disposable income, improve your debt-to-income ratio, and give you clear title to your car in no time. Before you make the move, check the terms [...]

3 Ways to Pay Off Your Car Loan Early2022-09-08T15:57:05+00:00

What Happens if You Miss a Personal Loan Payment?


June 8, 2022 A single missed payment on your personal loan may cost you additional money in the short and long-term. A potential late fee is just the start. You may want to think twice before you skip a payment and consider all of the possible consequences, which may include: 1. You May Incur a Late Payment Fee Under the terms of your loan agreement, you made a commitment to make monthly payments due on a certain day [...]

What Happens if You Miss a Personal Loan Payment?2022-09-08T14:23:39+00:00