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  • Mariner has been a fantastic lending institution in which they make you feel comfortable. Needless to say, we don't have the best credit, but they treat everyone the same. They are polite, honest and a pleasure to deal with. We ask for money and they do what they can to help us out. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little help.

    Albert W.
  • We always have a very pleasant experience when we walk into the doors at our local office.

    Alexander Y.
  • I found Mariner Finance when I got my first apartment. With their help, I was able to buy my dream couch and pay it off within my budget. The process was smooth and simple. A few months later, I needed money for school, which was provided by Mariner Finance. In no time, I paid my loan off without the hassle of feeling pressured. The staff always greeted me with a smile and remembered my name!

    Alexis G.
  • They trusted me to pay them when not many places would take the chance, and I made every payment on time! Good company that helped boost my credit and get me the things I needed to purchase! Thanks Mariner!

    Alisha M.
  • I have had a few loans with Mariner Finance and people there are great. They treat you with respect.

    Ana M.
  • I had poor credit and took a loan out to help work on it. I signed up for auto pay, so that all payments were made before their due date. I worked with my Credit Union and within a year I was financed for a vehicle. This was a good opportunity for me to build credit. I just took out a second loan and my hopes are that with good payments on my car and Mariner, it will allow me to purchase my first home by this coming summer.

    Andrea J.
  • Thank you for helping us when no one else would.

    Angela R.
  • The customer service I received was extraordinary. They are kind and compassionate, and immediately put me at ease. Thank you!

    Anne O.
  • You have worked with and helped me get the most money possible. You work with me on payment options and your staff is always courteous, friendly, and engaging. Thank you so much.

    April P.
  • We have always been treated with respect. The whole staff at the Mount Airy, NC branch have been outstanding. They are courteous and helpful. It is refreshing in this day to still be able to actually see someone face to face that understands. Thank you for your outstanding customer service.

    Barbara C.
  • Mariner Finance is an awesome company to do business with and are very accommodating, professional, and amicable. I will continue to do business with them in the future.

    Beverly W.
  • Every time I need help, guess who is there to help? Mariner Finance. Thank you again.

    Brian B.
  • I have always had a great relationship with Mariner Finance. They have always treated me great!

    Brian E.
  • Mariner Finance has always been a great place to do business with. Whenever I need money for an emergency they're always there to help. They are another thing I give thanks for on Thanksgiving.

    Brian E.
  • It was very easy to apply for a loan with Mariner Finance. The approval process went very smoothly. I love that I can make my payments online and over the phone. If for any reason I need to call them, the person in the office is always very friendly and understanding.

  • Mariner Finance is the best finance company in Rochester, NY.

    Brunilda B.
  • I'm delighted to say that I've experienced nothing but outstanding service from Mariner Finance. I had an experience from another finance company, but believe me it was not as exemplary or proficient as Mariner. The customer service provided, whether in person or by phone, is always excellent. I will always use and happily recommend Mariner Finance to other friends and family because the customer service representative always displays an honest, patient and professional concern for the financial welfare of their customers. Great job Mariner, please keep up the good work!!!

    Burnette W.
  • They helped me out of a hole more than once. They had compassion and understanding for the situation I was in. Thank you.

    Cassandra D.
  • Great staff. Easy to qualify.

    Cathy L.
  • I needed a loan to purchase a professional bass music speaker cabinet. Mariner Finance gave me the loan, and made it smooth and easy. Thanks Mariner Finance!

    Charles J.
  • Very nice employees. I've had no problems doing business with them.

    Charles M.
  • The ladies at Mariner Finance have been very nice and professional! Making payments that surround my budget has helped greatly! One day, in the mail was a check for a certain amount that gave me a chance to get some of my credit card bills paid off, plus to help my parents with their hospital and doctor bills, because I am their caretaker. It sure was a huge blessing! As you could imagine, the burden of bills rolled off my back! I deeply thank Mariner Finance for giving me the chance to make my life a better one! Mariner Finance can do the same for YOU!

    Charles R.
  • Their customer service is outstanding!!!

    Cheryl F.
  • Mariner Finance has been nothing but professional and helpful. I just wanted to say thank you!!

    Christopher B.
  • I received polite and courteous customer service while attempting to qualify for a small loan. Even though I did not qualify, I felt like I was being treated with respect…

    Cindy B.
  • If I ever need a loan, I would go to Mariner Finance or recommend them to a friend. The people there treat you with much respect and courtesy and not just like a number at the DMV. The one on one personal touches they do to help you through the process with ease is so appreciated. I have only dealt with the people at the Westminster, Maryland office, but as far as I'm concerned, they are top notch. Friendly faces when you come in welcoming you to their establishment, then escorting you to a smaller office to fill out forms and answer questions.....making you feel like you are an important person. I also love that since I moved out of state, I can still go back to them anytime for a loan. I have even introduced my husband to them, so now we are both customers of Mariner Finance. Keep up the great work, there are very few people like you in this business that make the person feel more important than gaining another dollar!

    Cindy G.
  • They helped me when I needed the help. I really appreciate them.

    Clarissa R.
  • ...Mariner Finance entered my life when I needed them most. I was overwhelmed with bills. I went to my local branch and was approved for a loan which helped me to pay some bills that were worrying me, and I even had some money left over to buy Christmas presents for my loved ones. The customer service I received was great, everyone was friendly but professional. Thank you Mariner Finance.

    Corine P.
  • In 2009, I needed a new furnace and I got a loan from these guys and they were great!!!!!!

    Cornell S.
  • Great company. Anytime I've needed a l loan they've always been there. Very understanding.

    Dana J.
  • I have been doing business with now Mariner Finance for many years and I love conducting business with them. They are a very professional company and they work with you in any way they can. I like that they call and remind you of your due date and take my payment over the phone . These folks are like family to me...

    David A.
  • Mariner Finance has been AWESOME! Whenever we needed money for anything, they have been there to help us out. I wouldn't go to anyone else for my financial needs.

    Dawn T.
  • Linda at Mariner Finance on Mechanicsville Turnpike and Brandy Mill have been a God send for me. She has been very understanding of my tight situation and has worked with me tremendously on trying to keep my account on track. Thank you Linda, for your dedication at administering excellent customer service.

    Deborah H.
  • I had a car loan financed through Mariner Finance and I was very pleased with their services. When I bought a new vehicle, the staff was very attentive to my needs to get payoff information as soon as possible and they made sure that everything was good on my end. I also still receive emails on offers that I may qualify for if I am ever in need of a loan or other financial assistance.

    Demetria W.
  • My husband and I dealt with Mariner Finance a few times; and we had excellent customer service each time.

    Diane M.
  • I have nothing but praise for Ryan and Meredith and everyone at Mariner Finance in Toms River. They are kind and treat me with respect. Even times when I've paid my loan payment late, they are never condescending or rude. They are always respectful and eager to help anyway they can.

    Donna B.
  • Had a loan with Mariner before and was very pleased with the customer service provided and just a pleasant experience.

    Donna T.
  • Thank you Mariner Finance with a special appreciation for Bart McCully out of the Baltimore area branch. I am extremely pleased and impressed with his dedication and assistance during this lengthy process. I'm grateful for his perseverance and patience when unforeseen obstacles arose. He didn't just instill optimism about the process for someone as cynical as myself but I felt almost as if I was communicating with a cousin or other family member. I feel when someone goes above and beyond there call of duty it should be acknowledged and as a business owner some of the best ads are word of mouth. I will gladly refer anyone needing a loan to Mariner Finance. To those of your considering a loan please talk to these guys. The experience lives up to the testimonials. This compliment was meant to be concise but I didn't want it dismissed as a simple thank you, but again, thank you Bart McCully and Mariner Finance for all of your help with the loan!

    Donnis S.
  • The staff at the Mechanicsville branch are dynamite. They have been very easy to work with and understanding whenever I can't make my payment on time. I especially appreciate Linda who never misses a beat. Keep up the good work guys.

    Ebony H.
  • I was going through some tough times and Mariner Finance was there to help me out. I've dealt with them over the last 5 years and will keep dealing with them.

    Ddwin H.
  • I had a great experience with Mariner Finance. The staff was kind and helpful and I got my loans easily. Thanks Mariner Finance.

    Eugenio O.
  • Very helpful. Took time to make sure my needs were met.

    Fran G.
  • Very, very nice people to deal with. The loan is also very easy. I got my loan paid off and would do it all over again with Mariner. They make it very simple.

    Gary K.
  • I have done three loans with Mariner and have had great service each time. They are willing to work with you on every level.

    George D.
  • The water pipe coming into our house had burst underground. The yard was swelling and our water bill was higher than normal. Mariner Finance realized that we needed a loan right away to get this problem corrected immediately. They helped us when we were not prepared for such a large-cost project. Ever-so grateful. Thank you Mariner Finance.

    George C.
  • Very nice people.

    George W.
  • We have been able to secure necessary funds we were in need of at the current time and at a reasonable payment amount.

    Glenn G.
  • No matter who I talk to, everyone at Mariner Finance is so courteous and friendly and willing to help me with my needs at the time no matter what they are, when no one else would even consider me. I would recommend them to anyone for their financial needs. They are more than a business, but they are your FRIENDS too.

    Glennise P.
  • The staff is amazing-- all about their customers, always willing to listen, help, and see what they can do. Even the managers are funny. Speaking specifically of my branch on Belair Road, I wanted a payoff balance and they put the call to the Manager and he was funny...He made me smile, and the interest rate is not to bad for ok credit. Try them you will be pleased.

    Gloria L.
  • The service has been just great. All the people are very friendly. This is a great company to do business with.

    Harvey B.
  • I have had more than one loan through this company at the Hagerstown office in Maryland. They are nice and helpful. I paid my loans off in advance and each and every time I dealt with them, it was fast and easy.

    Heather M.
  • My husband and I were having trouble with our bills. I had a loan with Sunbelt, which later changed to Mariner. When we went back in to add to our loan, they were very happy to help us out when no one else would. We put in and they worked every thing they could to make our loan go through. I couldn't get any other financial institute to even try. We got our bills caught up and have had a very positive relationship with Mariner. Their employees there treat us like friends and family when I go in to pay my payment, right up to the manager. I would not even try anybody else for our needs in loans. Thank you Mariner and all of the great guys that worked and are still working hard to make our needs a priority. You are all very special to us.

    Henrietta M.
  • Great company to do business with.

    Henry J.
  • I can't be more thankful to Mariner for helping me and opening their doors when I needed it the most. You guys are great. Not only is the staff great, but the services I got were top notch.

    Ivelisse F.
  • The agent was very kind and knowledgeable.

    Jay L.
  • Mariner Finance has always helped me with the emergency funds I have needed. They have been knowledgeable, helpful, and honest with all their lending information. I can always talk to a person when I call. The office is close enough that I can come in when I need to. I would definitely refer any friend or relative to them.

    Jean L.
  • Obtaining my loan was so easy. John was so nice and helpful and fast. He got me the money I needed when I needed it most. Thanks Mariner Finance in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

    Jennifer G.
  • Friendly and always willing to help!!!

    Joan D.
  • I have been a customer since 2012. I have always had a wonderful experience with the staff especially Cindy, Maria, Monica and Michelle who are always ready to help.

    Johanna N.
  • The loan I received from Mariner Finance helped me travel overseas to enjoy many sights and time with special people.

    John J.
  • They were caring and consider others and care about who you are and what your needs are. They always try to find the answer. Thank you Mariner, for everything.

    John P.
  • I've been a customer of Mariner for a while now and had a great response from the staff each time we met. They go overboard to make you feel welcomed and are very helpful.

    Jon R.
  • I've been a customer for about 3 years and I have always been treated with respect and your associates always made me feel like a VIP. The best thing is that in the last 3 months I have been having some bad financial problems, and your customer service department has been very kind to me, and for that I'm grateful. Thank you; I take my hat off to your customer service department.

    Jose C.
  • Always ready to help out when cash is needed. They work their hardest to get us cash when we need it.

    Joseph N.
  • Got a $1,200 loan when I really needed it for vacation. Thanks Mariner Finance.

    Joseph W.
  • You guys are great! Thank you for all your help.

    Juan S.
  • I went back to Mariner Finance for a second loan and I had a positive experience both times. I would recommend Mariner Finance to a friend.

    Julie B.
  • The staff at the Easton branch are friendly and professional.

    Karen G.
  • The Hagerstown, MD staff has the best customer service out of any loan institution I have ever worked with!

    Kasandra T.
  • I love Mariner Finance. They work with you and have a low price to pay your loan back. They were nice, friendly, and take their time to explain everything to you.

    Katisha R.
  • They're all very nice people and this company is really helping my credit score!

    Kelli D.
  • I had a vehicle loan with Mariner Finance and was pleased with the way they treated me.

    Kevin H.
  • This company is awesome. Whoever you speak with-- they are so helpful, and always answer all your questions. Now that's good customer service. Keep up the good work!

    Kim C.
  • I have been with Mariner Finance for years and it has always been a great experience. The staff is amazing and they always try to help with any situation. I will never go anywhere else if I need help. I have referred family members and always tell my friends if they need a loan to go to Mariner. Thanks for being there in my time in need.

    Kimberly J.
  • The customer relationship is great. I've had the experience of dealing with the Trenton location and the Dover location. I have nothing to complain about. They will work with you as long as you keep your end of the arrangement. I always look forward to going to the Dover office to speak to Kim. She has excellent customer service, even when calling to remind you of a payment. I would recommend to someone else.

    La M.
  • Since I got my first loan about a year ago I have always had a positive experience when I come to pay my bill. My husband and I came into the Mariner Finance office earlier this year to get an additional $400 as a deposit for a cruise vacation. We were able to get the money and take our cruise vacation that was also the honeymoon we never got. We were able to celebrate our 4 year anniversary the way we dreamed with a wonderful 9 day Caribbean cruise. Thank you Mariner Finance for making our dream come true! We will always consider Mariner Finance first for our lending needs.

    LaToya W.
  • They're always friendly and very helpful--always a pleasure to call and talk to.

    Linda J.
  • The staff at the North East location are great! Very helpful with any questions you may have!

    Lisa G.
  • Mariner was able to get me an energy efficient loan in order to get a new HVAC unit and insulation in my two attics. Brian Hager was very courteous. I still reach out to Brian from time to time and he is still the same helpful guy.

    Lisa S.
  • Everyone at the Harrisburg Branch is so nice and helpful. They have helped me out of many scrapes and have always been so pleasant while doing it. They are a very good, reputable business! :)

    Liz D.
  • Very nice representatives to work with. Very helpful and courteous.

    Lori Dunn
  • They are the nicest people, very professional. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about finance. I will continue to do business with Mariner Finance.

    Lucy W.
  • My community's Mariner Finance has the best staff in the world.

    Lynetta W.
  • Mariner took a chance on me when others wouldn't and has even answered questions for me, helping me to better understand how to rebuild my credit. It will be a bit of a journey, but I'm thankful for their guidance and direction.

    Maria D.
  • I have had a loan with these people for a couple of years and I love it. Every now and then they will send you a letter letting you know you have a couple of bills you can get. Works great for me long as you pay your bill.

    Martha H.
  • Mariner Finance really helped save my life. I came into a very awkward situation and desperately needed financial help. They were very professional and helped me out of a jam. The staff is always trying to make it happen for you. I'm grateful to these guys. Thanks again! I would recommend them to everyone.

    Mary P.
  • Six years ago I moved to DC for work. I was fresh out of college and the move was expensive. Mariner Finance helped me get set up in my new place with a loan at a reasonable rate, even for me with very little credit history! Staff was always friendly and I would definitely use their services again!

    Matthew H.
  • Mariner Finance has the greatest customer service I have ever dealt with. I have let time get away from me, getting caught up at work and running behind on my payment, and they're always kind and assist in taking my payment over the phone with a worry free and secure environment. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

    Melissa A.
  • Great people, great service. My local office staff is the best.

    Michael H.
  • Personal experience exhibited by the staff of Mariner Finance is exemplary. They are experienced and relate to customers well, showing you what you need to know. Continue the good work of helping people get out of financial trouble. Great experience.

    Michael O.
  • My boyfriend and I took out a personal loan to pay for our first puppy together and we had an awesome experience! Any time I called I had an answer, and the lady I spoke with regularly even remembered our puppy's name and asked how he was doing! Definitely would use Mariner over and over!

    Nicole K.
  • They are vey positive and they are also very pleasant. They try to help you in every way. Great customer service and very professional.

    Nicole S.
  • I've been a customer for a while now, and it's always a pleasure calling and seeing them in person. The employees are awesome. They treat me like family, and they take time with the customers, explaining everything. I'm very grateful for Mariner Finance. I was going through a tough time. When I called the agent was very pleasant. He answered all my questions, and explained all he was doing clearly. Thank you Mariner Finance!

    Nilsa A.
  • They have always been very kind and courteous whenever I have gone in there. I recommend them to everyone.

    Nita H.
  • Mariner Finance associates are very understanding to my needs and I got the loan that I needed.

    OJ O.
  • The Rocky Mount office employees are so nice to you. As soon as you walk through the door, they help you out any way that they can. I don't personally have a loan with them, but my husband does. This company gives you a 100% of making sure that you walk out of that office happy and satisfied.

    Pamela C.
  • We love Mariner Finance. They have always been there when we need them. We love the ladies in the office. Thank you Mariner!

    Patricia H.
  • I needed a replacement vehicle for one that was t-boned and received the funds to purchase it from Mariner Finance. Very courteous and professional staff helped me and it took very little of my time. Thank you Mariner Finance.

    Paul O.
  • After bankruptcy, I wasn't able to get approved for lending. I applied, they told me they would work with me, and let me know what I qualified for. They qualified me over the phone and I picked the loan up at a later time. I am so thankful for the loan service and hospitable service received.

    Paula N.
  • It was hot, hot, hot, and our air conditioner went out. We were fortunate enough to have friends in the heating and air conditioning business. We couldn't afford the cost up front, so our friends at Ray's heating and air went through Mariner Finance and we have had a wonderful experience ever since. No problems and we were back in business and "cool" again. We can't thank you enough for giving us the loan for this.

    Peggy F.
  • Quick, easy process!

    Philip H.
  • I have had an account with Mariner Finance/Patriot Loan for the last few years and counting. I would recommend them to anyone in need of good financial service. The employees are always willing to help. I just want to thank Mariner Finance for helping me out when I was in a financial hardship. They really helped me out.

    Phillip J.
  • Mariner Finance came through with two loan checks for us last year when we had absolutely nothing. We didn't know how we were going to pay rent and give our kids a Christmas! The loan repayments are easy and I know I'll have it paid off quickly!

    Polly D.
  • Mariner Finance was a great company. They gave me a loan when nobody else would. Thank you, Mariner.

    Rachel G.
  • We needed a French drain installed and didn't have the funds for it. Mariner Finance made it easy for us to do what we needed to do for our home! The application process was quick and easy, and I had an answer within minutes. They took the stress out of an unexpected expense.

    Randi S.
  • I had a great experience with Mariner Finance. They were very friendly and understanding of my personal needs and went over and above my expectations to help me.

    Rebecca A.
  • Mariner helped me get the trailer I needed for my business to expand. Worked great.

    Rich P.
  • Great financial services, never had any problems.

    Robert C.
  • When I needed help with money for car repairs, Mariner Finance was there to help. When my car was totaled in an accident they were very helpful and helped me through the process of paying off my loan without a hassle. Thank you for all your help.

    Robin W.
  • Getting a loan was extremely easy and the clerks who work there are great. I've used them twice now and I'm never disappointed. Thanks!!!!

    Roderick C.
  • My wife and I wanted to install solar panels and we were looking for a lender to help with about 70% of the funding. Mariner had a special program, in partnership with the State of Maryland, and we were able to secure a low-interest, long-term loan. Easy payment options include online payments...Overall, we're very happy with Mariner Finance!

    Ron & Nancy P.
  • Fast and easy approval. Customer service was superior. I am a current customer and will always use this lending institution.

    Ryan P.
  • I really like this place; they treat you like you're right at home. They're not pushy like most lenders are and they make sure you understand the agreements and terms. I recommend Mariner Finance to all I know. They are the best of the best.

    Sandra H.
  • I have been with Mariner a long time and never would go to anyone else. When I was down and out, Mariner came along and picked me up and helped me to get a new start. Their customer service is the greatest and they always try and help whenever they can. I will continue to do service with Mariner and have told others about them.

    Sandy D.
  • I like Mariner Finance because they are willing to help people that are in need, and if you cannot make your payment on time, they will work with you to make your payment. I can call them if I see that I am going to be late and they will ask me when can I come in. I will give them a date and time when I can come in and they will put it down on my record. The people are very understanding and will work with you. They are very polite to you and that is very important to me.

    Sarah E.
  • The branch in Garner, NC has a great staff who are always nice to talk to. Elizabeth is great. They have always taken care of my accounts.

    Savoy M.
  • The process was very easy and quick, and everyone in the office was really nice and easy to talk to.

    Shalise M.
  • Never had a problem. Very good company to work with.

    Sherry F.
  • I have a loan through the Horseheads, NY location. When I needed to refinance the loan to get someone's name off it, they were able to help and do it for me in a very timely manner. As well as being behind on a payment, Eric was able to do an additional dollar amount on top of my regular payment for three months to get me caught up...

    Sheryl D.
  • Our family recently experienced a very fearful experience that came with unseen expenses. Without a month's notice, our 33-year-old son would be having open heart surgery with valve replacement. Mariner Finance was so very helpful and worked with us. This took a load of worry off us. Aaron was especially considerate and personable. We cannot thank them enough for their help, well wishes, and prayers. Everything went well with his surgery and we will remember this forever. You all treated us like family.

    Sid G.
  • Mariner Finance has been there for me many times when I'm in need. They make lending easy. The staff is very polite even when I missed a payment. Great lending institution!

    Stacy M.
  • Very professional and no hassle to do business with.

    Steve B.
  • My husband and I were having a little trouble with some finances, just small enough to cause some hardship. We just needed a little help. And Marnier helped us out. Always in the knick of time, they have helped us several times, and I'm sure they will again. Thank you.

    Susan B.
  • Mariner Finance came through for me when I had nobody else to turn to. I got some bills paid and for the first time in a long time, I felt I could manage. I'm grateful for the service and the graciousness of the branch manager.

    Susan M.
  • My fiancé James White has used your company and I have spoken many times on the phone with you. I have found understanding and helpfulness in business between you and my fiancé. We both intend on keeping you as our source of help when and if the occasion arrives that either of us needs assistance in fulfilling our dreams now and in the future.....thanks.

    Susanne M.
  • The people at the Bradenton, FL office are so nice. I could not ask for anyone better.

    Tammy S.
  • I love the people in the Palatka, FL office. They are very friendly. I feel like a queen when I walk in because they know my payments are always on time so they try to give me more money.

    Terica D.
  • They are very friendly people to get along with and they were very helpful to me. They always worked with me whenever I fell behind. I would recommend them to anybody.

    Terri S.
  • Mariner Finance has gone above and beyond all expectations in assisting me and my husband when applying for loans! Their customer service is superior; the best in the industry. Each time we have dealt with this company, the Hickory, NC location has treated us with the utmost respect and have been prompt and attentive to our needs! We will be long-term customers of Mariner Finance.

    Terri W.
  • The staff in the Colonie, New York branch are the best. The most polite and professional. I would recommend Mariner Finance to everyone.

    Terry B.
  • I've been with Mariner Finance since 2005 and they've been so good to me in my time of need. God bless them!

  • They are good people to deal with.

    Thelma V.
  • Mariner has always been there to help in my times of financial need. I have paid off one loan and am currently paying off a second loan.

    Thomas F.
  • I had a great experience with Mariner. Everyone was always so friendly and helpful. They have helped me twice now when needed and both experiences couldn't have been any better. Very easy process and great staff.

    Tonya K.
  • We got a phone call that one of my in-laws was ill. They are 86 and 89 years old and we know our time is limited as they live in Brooklyn and I live in Buffalo with a 7 hour driving distance. My husband is disabled from a work related injury with 3 kids and I work 2 jobs, and we still struggle with the finances. In desperation, we went to Mariner Finance in hopes that they could help us out. We explained our situation and they got right to work. They managed a consolidation loan for us with money left over and we were able to make it to my in-laws. That was 3 years ago and it didn't end there. One November, they contacted us and wanted to know if we needed any help for the holidays and they came through once again and made our Christmas wonderful with the kids. They always kept me informed when my loan was almost paid off, and if I needed anything, they were there. I was determined to pay it off and then when I got to my last payment, we went back and they helped us with being able to take a very much needed vacation. With all we've been dealt with in our life the only vacations we have ever taken was to see family in the 26 years we've been together. They made our dream come true and we took our very first cruise. So many thanks to Mariner Finance. You've made a lot of things possible that would have never happened without you. Our office is in Ridge Road in West Seneca and all the guys are awesome. When you go in and they know you by name, it really makes you feel good and comfortable. They make you feel like family. With all they have done for us I know they are always there for me. If something comes up in the future I won't hesitate to go back again. I highly recommend them to anyone.

    Tracy V.
  • Very courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable staff. I asked many questions and they were eager to assist. Thanks Perry Hall workers.

    Valerie C.
  • Mariner Finance helped my family when we needed money. They were extremely nice and friendly.

    Vanessa C.
  • It's been very good to work with your company.

    Walter M.
  • I had to have money quick! Mrs. Teresa in the Smithfield location was very helpful and very kind. I have developed a one-on-one relationship with her. She is always available when I call her with my needs or questions. She always helps me and I trust her with my personal info! I recommend this branch and her friendly service to everyone!

    Wanda M.
  • I have been a customer for two years and whenever I needed to borrow money they have always been there for me.

    Wendy S.
  • I had a title loan with Mariner Finance and before the loan was paid I had a serious accident with my car. Mariner worked pleasantly with my insurance company. After a short wait, the loan was paid off to everyone's satisfaction. I would recommend Mariner Finance to anyone seeking a loan.

    William B.
  • Always have had good experience with Mariner, especially with courteous employees.

    William T.
  • Everyone at the N Military Try Branch is so polite and has awesome customer service!!!! We normally handle our loan with Monica and she's so sweet!!! Will recommend anyone to go to them for any of your loan needs!!!

    Yaimari F.
  • …Awesome customer support and very helpful. Definitely if I need another loan I'll be going with them.

    Yamil D.

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