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Kentucky Flood Relief


Blog Mariner Finance plays an active role in supporting the communities they serve. Inspired by the generosity of the Mariner Finance employees, Mariner Finance has initiated comprehensive investments in the ongoing cleanup and revitalization of Eastern Kentucky communities.  Local employees immediately responded to the needs in their communities by collecting clothing, supplies and connecting with local charities. To date, the company has donated $25,000 to the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund.  [...]

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Mariner Finance Strongly Opposes


Blog Mariner Finance Strongly Opposes Misguided Litigation Filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General anda Small Group of Other StatesCompany Disputes Meritless and Misinformed ClaimsAugust 17, 2022 (Baltimore, MD) -- Mariner Finance (“Mariner”), a licensed and regulated traditional installment lender that responsibly serves more than 700,000 Americans, today announced it will steadfastly defend itself against a meritless complaint filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General and a small group of other state attorneys general.Notably, [...]

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Understanding Your Credit Score: Here’s What to Know


Blog Your credit score is a factor when you apply for a mortgage or car loan. It can be pulled when you apply to lease a new apartment. Even insurance companies typically check your credit score to help determine how much they might charge you for your premium. But what is your credit score? How does it help determine whether you’re a good credit risk? There are three credit reporting companies [...]

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Why Choose a Local Lender?


Blog From ”Small Business Saturday” to community supported agriculture, there are far-reaching efforts to encourage consumers to think locally. While you may choose the option to purchase produce from a community farm stand, it may not have occurred to you that the same principle can be applied to choosing a financial institution for your personal loan needs. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. When you borrow from a local lender, you’re not just a [...]

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