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Choosing a Mortgage Lender: Some Questions to Ask


Blog Choosing a mortgage lender can seem a bit daunting. After all, there are so many of them out there. Community banks, savings and loan institutions, mortgage brokers, national banks, credit unions, and online lenders may all provide mortgage services. However, before you sign a document as important as a mortgage, consider the reputation of the institution and the terms of your contract. Here are 6 questions you may [...]

Choosing a Mortgage Lender: Some Questions to Ask2022-11-03T09:21:13+00:00

Can You Get a Loan for a Wedding?


Blog With many weddings costing in excess of $30,000, it easy to understand why you might consider getting a loan to pay for the celebration. The good news is that you may be able take out a personal loan for a wedding. Before you do, it is important to consider the amount you want to borrow and how you plan to repay the loan. Look at the Big Financial Picture As with [...]

Can You Get a Loan for a Wedding?2022-11-03T09:28:09+00:00
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