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Camping: Rustic vs. Luxury


Blog Camping is a popular outdoor activity and can be a great way to blow off steam and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When camping, you have the opportunity to enjoy nature and take part in outdoor activities. As a result, more than 40 million Americans go camping each year. But there is more than one type of camping, and knowing the difference between a more rustic [...]

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Top Spring Break Destinations for Students and Families


Blog March is right around the corner, which means spring break is nearly upon us. Spring break can be an ideal time for students and families to travel, mentally decompress, and have a good time. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the first major travel periods of the year, with around 12 percent of Americans opting to travel during spring break each year. Fortunately, this guide can help you learn about [...]

Top Spring Break Destinations for Students and Families2022-11-03T13:25:15+00:00

Top Home Improvement Projects That Could Add Value to Your Home


Blog Upgrades and renovations to your home may help to increase the value. Owning a home requires regular maintenance to retain its property value, but you can also include home improvement projects that offer a significant return on investment (“ROI”). You may find you need to take out a home improvement loan to finance these projects as they may be well worth the investment. This guide will help you determine which project you might [...]

Top Home Improvement Projects That Could Add Value to Your Home2022-11-04T10:51:03+00:00

Top Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day


Blog If you and your partner are adventurous travel bugs, a romantic getaway is one of the best gifts you can share with them on Valentine’s Day. As countries lift travel bans, it may be time to pack your bags and head out to incredible destinations perfect for a Valentine’s Day vacation. Upgrade your gift from the standard box of chocolates and bouquet of roses to something far more memorable and exciting. [...]

Top Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day2022-11-04T10:55:59+00:00

Lost Wage Assistance Program


Blog The Lost Wage Assistance Program was created through an executive order to provide an additional payment ($300) on top of the weekly unemployment benefits for those who are eligible. Click below to find out the program details for your state: Alabama California Delaware Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Missouri Mississippi North Carolina New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin [...]

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Employment Resources


Blog Have you been impacted by lay-offs?  Have you lost hours? Mariner Finance is here to provide some helpful resources for you! While many employers are cutting back on hours and staff, many other employers are hiring! To help you, Mariner has been compiling a list of companies that have announced that they are hiring.  It is published on Mariner’s website and is also available through your branch manager. In addition, we have compiled [...]

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Personal Finance Company will soon be Mariner Finance.


Blog Personal Finance Company will soon be Mariner Finance. Unified and stronger to better serve you.Personal Finance Company (PFC) has been a leader in the consumer finance industry since 1937. On April 1, 2017, Personal Finance Company became part of the Mariner Finance family. Mariner Finance, and its affiliates, now operate a network of over 450 offices with over 2,000 team members across 24 states.Finding new and improved ways to serve our customers has [...]

Personal Finance Company will soon be Mariner Finance.2022-11-11T13:02:42+00:00

The 2019 Sharing is Caring Monthly Sweepstakes


Blog The more YOU share the more chances you have to win a $250 Amazon ® Gift Card! Each month, a new winner will be selected and Mariner Finance will donate $250 to Jeffie’s Choice to fight against hunger! What is Jeffie’s Choice? Jeffie’s Choice is a nonprofit organization created in memory of Jennifer “Jeffie” Ann Moss Johnson. Jeffie was passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As an active runner who competed in multiple races, it [...]

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Welcome Pioneer Credit Company Customers


Blog To our valued customers, For over 44 years, Pioneer Credit Company has been a leader in the financial services industry. Founded in April of 1974, Pioneer Credit Company opened its first office in the small town of Cleveland, Tennessee. The vision was to create a different kind of finance company- one that was connected to the community it served and provided customized solutions to each customers’ specific needs. Over the years, [...]

Welcome Pioneer Credit Company Customers2022-11-23T10:41:54+00:00

20 Common Finance Terms


Blog Are you confused by finance language? We know some of these words can be scary and confusing, but understanding their meaning and importance will help you to make more informed financial decisions in the future. We compiled a list of the most commonly used Finance terms in our world to better your knowledge. APR- An annual percentage rate (APR) is the rate charged for borrowing or earned through an investment [...]

20 Common Finance Terms2022-11-23T09:57:32+00:00