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Going on a Cruise in 2021 and Beyond


Blog It’s no secret that cruise vacations – and companies – were badly affected by the COVID pandemic. Fortunately, going on a cruise in 2021 and beyond is starting to look very promising. Many people still have concerns about health protocols, however. As a result, the major cruise lines are taking many measures to ensure safety and accountability for all future passengers. Learn about what cruise lines are doing and what [...]

Going on a Cruise in 2021 and Beyond2022-11-08T10:34:38+00:00

What Changes Airlines and Hotels Are Making in 2021


Blog People are eager to get out and start traveling once again. However, you may still be curious about what changes airlines and hotels are making in 2021. Companies are going to great lengths to ensure your comfort in using their facilities, including enacting new employee protocols and increasing sanitation efforts to ensure that everyone can enjoy their vacation plans. Reactions to COVID-19 are constantly changing and evolving so always check [...]

What Changes Airlines and Hotels Are Making in 20212022-11-08T10:43:16+00:00
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