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Easy, Clever Ways to Start Saving


Blog One of the most popular financial resolutions each year is to “save more”. Considering that the personal savings rate in the United States is about the lowest rate of any industrialized country, according to MoneySKILL, we agree that this is a crucial area of your finances to focus on. The trouble with having “save more money” as a financial resolution is that it can be intimidating to [...]

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Best Used Cars in 2019 Under $15000 to Buy


Blog Best used cars under $15000 Our best used cars under $15,000 post was so sought after, that we updated it for 2019. Continue reading to discover why it pays to buy used, and which cars made this year’s list. Why buy a used car? With extra money in your pocket from tax returns, you may be thinking about buying a car. If so, why not consider buying [...]

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Important 2018 Tax Dates


Blog Stay on top of important 2018 tax dates by using our easy to read Tax Calendar 2018. Simply print out this Tax Calendar and use it to stay on top of important tax deadlines! Sources: Tax Calendars for use in 2018 (IRS Publication 509) and About Money This material was prepared for general distribution. Although all blog posts are intended to be accurate, the information and third-party links provided in the [...]

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Why it’s Worth it to Make a Financial Resolution


Blog When making your list of resolutions, it’s in your best interest to include your finances. Why? Aside from the overall improvement to the quality of life that good financial footing provides, research actually shows that those who make financial resolutions compared to other kinds are more likely to succeed. That’s right, according to a survey conducted by Fidelity Investments, individuals who focused on their finances had a much higher success [...]

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Does that impact my credit score?


Blog The first step in learning to responsibly manage your credit score is to understand exactly which items affect it and how. Commonly asked questions about credit scores include: Do utility bills impact my credit score? Does paying my rent on time impact my credit score? What about insurance payments? There’s a lot of confusion out there about how certain payments impact scores, so we set out to answer those questions [...]

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How to Stay Fit in 2019


Blog Stay fit Whether your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or to simply live a healthier lifestyle, follow our tips and tricks to stay fit. How to stay fit in 2019 Clean out your pantry- Kick start your New Year’s resolution to lose weight by cleaning out your pantry. Throw out anything that contains trans fats, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup. Cut back on eating out- In [...]

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